A New Year always brings hope of new possibilities in every aspect of life of which Beauty & Wellness is an important facet. Smita Gautam talks about market trends and Skin City’s endeavor to consistently be the first to bring the latest and the best Global advancements in Cosmetic Dermatology to its patrons in and around Pune. Forever young While the antiageing market is coming of age in India, there is healthy competition in the product category, with Industry market leaders vying for the lions share and top listing in both price and efficacy. While the promises and ingredients range from natural and anti pollution to silicone and many new takers buy into the promise of staying forever young, however the more discerning globe trotters are looking for drastic results which can only be achieved with the use of technology. Therefore services like HIFU and Liquid Facelift which shaves off a decade from your facial age almost instantly are becoming more in demand today and very popular at Skin City. Body Beautiful Till recently, the whole focus was to make the face look beautiful, so the whole beauty industry was geared towards beauty salons for the quintessential facial, over the counter creams for anything ranging from, acne to dark spots to wrinkles and fairness and subsequently advanced spa and cosmetic treatments to beatify the face. However, now the average Indian is becoming more and more aware of his or her body appearance and shape. Therefore technologies for skin lightening, permanent hair removal and body shaping have become widely accepted and regularly availed of at Skin City. Hair Free Women have been preoccupied with freedom from unwanted hair since ancient days. The journey from home remedies to present day technology has been remarkable to say the least. With the advent of lasers in this arena, men have also jumped onto the bandwagon for that perfectly manicured beard and clean underarms and chests. The technology used for removal of unwanted hair has also evolved considerably over the past decade. From the use of Diode for lasting results, to long pulsed NdYAG for safety on Indian Skin to Alexandrite for aggressive efficacy, India has already traversed the path. However there were miles to go before the sweet spot was hit and Skin City had promises to keep regarding its promise “To transform the lives of people by providing them innovative solutions and thereby making them healthy, happy and confident.” Skin City now has the latest laser technology for permanent hair removal and the first of its kind in India the Alexandrite Platinum Plus technology which is a combination of all three technologies, Diode, NdYAG and Alexandrite which are delivered in a cocktail of their unique wavelengths, thus targeting hair follicles at superficial, medium and deep levels, giving results like never before. “We always keep our promise” says Dr. Niteen Dhepe, Medical Director Skin City.

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