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Laser SafeLIPO done successfully in skincity

1470nm Diode Laser assisted Laser SafeLIPO is performed in skincity for first time in India. It was done in wide awake patient using VELA fiber laser. Orthostatic SafeLIPO was performed in this patient in which we suctioned in standing position to balance two sides.

This persian patient walked out of OT and had food (Afgani Chicken) within 6 minutes of surgery. Was checked out within half an hour.

  • 360 shooting cause more effective procedure- larger coverage area while the laser is operated
  • Larger coverage per sec- faster treatment
  • Safety first- while Alma's radial fiber shots in 360 it provides the surrounding tissue to receive energy in pulsed manner
  • Radial fiber destruction of fat creates little to non bleeding effect to the surrounding tissue
  • Suction and laser shooting occurs simultaneously!
  • Tightening occurs during liposuction thanks to the thermal effect of the Alma 1470nm laser
  • Different cannula's length to better treat various body/ face treatment areas
  • Connection of fiber to cannula is done easily by one click