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It is the 'GOLD STANDARD' procedure for permanent removal of skin fat.

Safe Liposuction

Safe Liposuction is performed in a fully awake patient with pure tumescent local anesthesia without any sedation. (As against Unsafe Liposuction is one when performed under general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, heavy sedation and combined with multiple surgeries or when multiple body parts are treated together. Most liposuction complications and deaths are attributed to such unsafe practices).

Skin City Safe LIPO

Skin City SafeLIPO is a unique protocol combining safe tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction, ultra sound lipolysis and radio frequency skin firming. This ensures guaranteed safety, permanent fat cell destruction, smooth silky skin texture and unbelievable post liposuction skin firming. Patient walks into Skin City at 9 am and walks out at 3 pm after having 'safeLIPO' without having to take any painkiller. One can treat the entire body in multiple sessions, 1 to 2 body parts covered in each session. An awake patient moving around gives excellent balance of fat removal. In selected patients Skin City uses 'Orthostatic SafeLIPO'. Liposuction performed with fine cannulas in an awake standing patient is a unique concept of Orthostatic SafeLIPO. One can imagine the utmost precision of the shaping and the perfect assurance of safety in this awake standing SafeLIPO.

Common body parts treated with safeLIPO are Tummy, love handles (flanks), buttocks, thighs, double chin and jowls on face.

Skin City has dermatologists trained in liposuction by various international masters and affiliated to ASDS, DASIL, ACSI, etc.

Backed by long-term clinical data, the LightSheer system has the ability to permanently reduce hair growth and treat the entire range of skin colors and hair types, satisfying hundreds of thousands of patients and their providers worldwide. The ChillTip handpiece provides the ultimate in epidermal contact cooling and compression, increasing penetration of laser energy to the base of the follicle. The LightSheer system's efficiency, expanded applications, and excellent clinical results offer a new opportunity for practice growth and increased procedure volume.

UltaPulse system is the laser for advanced applications, Delivering speed, versatility, performance and precision, UltraPulse easily supports a full spectrum of aesthetic and surgical capabilities. It's the most safe, precise and powerfully fast. Customizable with unmatched versatility in range of treatments.

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Q:What is tumescent local anesthesia? A: Local anesthesia drug is diluted in large quantity of saline fluid and injected in fat layer is called tumescence. This gives excellent anesthesia on fat layer in fully awake patient. The patient is fully awake. The muscle layer immediate below fat is not anesthetized hence act as safety layer as against patient under total general anesthesia.
Q: How a typical surgery day is like? A: A day before surgery, laboratory tests and anesthesia safety screening in completed to know that you are medically fit. You report at 9am for surgery. After consent and documentation you are taken to our fully equipped operating room. After surgical scrubbing of the part being treated, tumescent local anesthesia fluid is infiltrated by an infusion pump. It takes around one hour. Then very small metal tube called micro-canulae are inserted through a tiny key-holes made at strategic locations attached to a suction device. With to and fro motion of canulae fat is aspirated. It takes around an hour and half to two hours. You are awake through out moving on sides to have adequate balancing of volume suctioned on both side. After cleaning a pressure garment a worn covering treated area and you WALK OUT to operating area. You can take tea, coffee or a meal immediately after coming out. (in fact can have a juice or chocolate during surgery also.) This is how amazingly a fearful surgery is made so simple!
Q: What is to be expected after a SafeLIPO procedure? A: You WALK OUT to your home at 4 pm. Please don't drive yourself as anesthesia fluid is still present in the suctioned area. Have somebody to carry you, drive your car or take a cab. Pain is NOT expected after surgery. Even a pain killer tablet is rarely needed. Copious red colored fluid discharge is expected in first couple of days. This is the anesthesia fluid along with permanently damaged fat cells. Continue wearing your pressure garment on regular basis. Though you are fit to resume your work on very next day, we advise you to take a rest for a day or two. After all, rest improves healing after any surgery.
Q: What is Laser SafeLIPO ? A: SkinCity is master title in lasers in India. Adaptation of lasers in SafeLIPO is on strong basis of safety. SkinCity uses Alma Velashape laser, a revolutionary new technology using a new wavelength. The most amazing feature of this technology is safety. When a very tiny laser fiber is introduced within the lumen of acanula for suctioning of fat during Laser SafeLIPO. The laser energy will gently dissolve the fat and remodel the collagen in the treated area. It makes SafeLIPO faster and safer. The prime benefit of Laser SafeLIPO is amazing skin tightening capability. The skin laxity usually observed after liposuction is reduced to a great extent with use of Velashape laser. SkinCity combines post SafeLIPO skin tightening technologies like Accent Radiofrequency and Ultrasound. This unique combination of devices along with skin city's expertise of using more than 40 laser technologies makes SafeLIPO one of the best and safest liposuction protocols in the world.
Q: What is orthostatic SafeLIPO? A:Another unimaginable feature of SafeLIPO is liposuction in standing position. As we know, the fat bulges in lying down position get displaced leading to a chance of un-equality and imbalance.
Q: Is the procedure painful? A:No, all patients tolerate the procedure very well. In fact, it is done very interactive way. You are talking to your doctor, telling in which area it is a bit discomfort. The anesthesia cocktail is so perfect, most patients may not require a pain killer also. The anesthesia effect lasts for 20 hours after the SafeLIPO. So it is not painful afterwards also.
Q: Can I get SafeLIPO for any body part? A:Yes. You can get SafeLIPO done on virtually any body part. Typically one to two body parts are treated in one session. For many body areas you can schedule the SafeLIPO in multiple sessions separated couple of months apart. Remember too much suction in one go is scientifically proven risk factor. And SafeLIPO is all about the safety. Istn't it?
Q: Is SafeLIPO expensive? A:Not at all !The amazing safety and the least down time are the key feature of SafeLIPO. Your saved productive days and enhanced skin tightening makes laser SafeLIPO surprisingly economical option

alt Skincity has the most advanced body shaping technique which helped me to keep me in shape. alt
Smita P. Solapur, Maharashtra
alt I was got a beautiful face after Fat Transplant which made be happy and confident. alt
Varsha. S. Solapur, Maharashtra

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