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Acne, Acne Scars & Pigmentation Clinic

Acne or pimples is a common teenage problem. Medically acne problem is categorized into active acne (comedons, white heads, black heads), acne pigment (red, brown and black) and acne scars (atrophic, hypertrophic and ice-pick).

SkinCity has unique protocols to handle these problems.

Skinclarify (For active acne and acne pigmentation)

Combination of personalized medical treatment and monthly skin clarify sessions within 6 months take care of active acne and red brown acne pigmentation. Very bad and severe acne may require skin clarify sessions at every two to three weeks' interval for first 3 months and monthly skin clarify sessions for another 3 months. This protocol aims at not only clearance of existing acne, but also prevention of future recurrences. After initial 6 months' clearance phase, a follow up visit once in 3 months for surveillance is advised.

Skindefine (For acne scars)

Skin City's Skindefine protocol aims at correction of acne scars. Once these active acne are controlled with Skinclarify protocol, it can be introduced as early as within 3 months after Skinclarify. This involves a unique cocktail protocol combining Ultra pulse, Deep FX / Scaar FX laser, Skin transportation, subcision collagenesis, RF transdermal collagenesis, fractional QSwitched laser, pigment equalization in addition to laser scar shouldering technique and other acne scar revision techniques.

Skindefine Express

This involves the world's most effective acne scar correction elements i.e. Ultra pulse deep FX, subcision collagenesis and scar shouldering. Two sessions of Skindefine Express at an interval of 3 months will give the world's best possible results in most acne scar patients. This requires a downtime of 5 days after each session and takes four weeks for color match.

Skindefine Subtle

This protocol aims at achieving acne scar flattening without any downtime. This combines 'Trans Dermal' RF collagenesis, subcision collagenesis and Helios II Fractional Qswitch pigment equalization. Monthly 6 to 8 sessions of Skindefine Subtle give significant acne scar flattening. Patients can resume their normal work one after this treatment.

Ultra Pulse CO2

UltaPulse system is the laser for advanced applications, Delivering speed, versatility, performance and precision, UltraPulse easily supports a full spectrum of aesthetic and surgical capabilities. It's the most safe, precise and powerfully fast. Customizable with unmatched versatility in range of treatments.

Pixel CO2

Pixel CO2 system is the perfect system for any practice looking to offer fractional CO2 laser treatments. Representing the best of both worlds for skin resurfacing, Pixel CO2 combines the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach with a level of patient comfort and convenience that approaches a non-ablative solution.

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