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Waxing and shaving have been the traditional methods of getting rid of body hair. But both these methods are not very skin friendly and are time consuming.

Skin City is one of the very few centers in the country to have installed the Suprano laser that removes unwanted body hair permanently and efficiently. The process is called 'Super Hair Removal'.

It is a 100% pain-free, permanent treatment. Other conventional methods of hair removal are painful as well as less efficient, hence complete body hair removal cannot be done in a single sitting; it has to be spread across a number of sittings of small duration. As against this, a Suprano laser being highly efficient and pain-free, complete body hair removal can happen in a single sitting of about 3.5 hours.

The Harmony Family gives you ultimate flexibility to treat a wide variety of patient-requested procedures. The system's modular hand pieces are designed to deliver effective and reliable results with minimal to no patient discomfort and downtime. Offers Alma's exclusive patient-preferred treatments of Laser360™ skin rejuvenation, Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ hair removal and Pixel Perfect™ laser skin resurfacing.

It is unique Fractional Q-switched Nd:YAG laser in the world. Its High Fluence (J/cm2, Energy density) can destroy the pigment cells dispersed in dermal layer. This gives prominent effect in treating nevus of Ota and chloasma which cannot be cleared easily. HELIOS II reduces the exposure time of laser beam on skin, so it minimizes the damage on normal cells and makes less recovery time. Thus, you will feel no irritation in your everyday lives.

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alt Thanks to Skincity. I have got a new confidence which has transformed my life. alt
Dipti B. Solapur, Maharashtra
alt Skincity is greatest center for skin treatment. They have all the solutions under one umbrella and have a team of expert consultants and doctors. alt
Ahsan K. Pune, Maharashtra
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