16 steps to a beautiful bride

‘Solah Shringar’ or 16 ways to beautify one’s self encompasses of basic steps of beautification of a woman from head to toe. It is a traditional ritual meant to adorn and bestow gifts of beauty on her.

For those who came in late, the word ‘Shringar’ is derived from ‘Shri’ which means ‘Lakshmi’, the goddess of wealth, beauty, luck and prosperity. ‘Solah Shringar’ acknowledges and celebrates the beauty and divinity of the female form. It is generally done on the wedding day, the most significant and important day for a woman. It is the day that marks her transition into womanhood. Other than wedding, it is also carried out during major festivals and religious activities.

SkinCity is committed to applying the basic principles and elements of ‘Solah Shringar’ to today’s fast-changing world and makes every bride look the way she aspires to look – Timeless!

SkinCity has several services and packages for the Bride to be, the Groom, their families and friends…

  •   Skin Renewal System – for nourishment & glow
  •   Skin Lightening System – for fairness
  •   Skin Restoral System – for skin damage
  •   Skin Revival System – for mature skin
  •   Back to Beautiful – for a beautiful back
  •   Skin Perfection System – for acne & scars
  •   Under-eye Revitalize System
  •   Youth Restoration System – for ageing skin
  •   15 days Beautiful Bride Package
  •  30 days Beautiful Bride Package
  •  60 days Beautiful Bride Package
  •  15 days Package for the Groom
  •  30 days package for the Groom
  •  Special Package for the Mother of the Bride / Groom
  •  Laser Hair Reduction of unwanted hair
  •  Safe Liposuction for unwanted fat – per body part, day time procedure

Though the bridal beautification ritual lives on, these basic tenets have evolved with time and practically each one of them has stemmed into a special science of beauty.  SkinCity works to make these basics as perfect as possible. India’s largest hair and skin restoration centre, it has evolved into an institution and a benchmark unto itself. Equipped with the latest technological know-how and a team of qualified medical professionals, SkinCity takes care of each and every skin and hair related issue meticulously.