Liposuction – A Fast and Safe Way of Getting Rid of Excess Body Fat

Diet and activity planning, lifestyle modification and stress management can help in weight management to some extent. Without these basic elements, it’s not advisable to resort to short cuts like crash dieting, weight loss tablets or surgeries.

Though weight management gives a generally acceptable shape to certain parts of body, sometimes there could be accumulation of fat that is exercise non-responsive and diet non-responsive. Such areas need localized shaping treatments like Liposuction.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to remove fat from various body parts. It may take one or several sessions to remove the desired amount of fat. Traditionally, it has been performed under the influence of general anesthesia. But now, technology has evolved and now it is possible to get it done by administering local anesthesia.

Skin City, India’s largest skin and hair restoration centre, has made use of the some of the world’s most advanced technologies and developed a very safe and effective method of Liposuction. It’s called ‘Skin City SafeLIPO’.

 It is performed in a fully awake patient with pure tumescent local anesthesia without any sedation. It is a unique protocol combining safe liposuction, laser liposuction, ultra sound lipolysis and radio frequency skin firming. This ensures guaranteed safety, permanent fat cell destruction, smooth silky skin texture and unbelievable post liposuction skin firming.

This process is highly efficient, as the whole procedure is completed within six hours. Even after that, patients don’t have to take any painkillers. Although, depending on the severity and spread of the body fat, treatment can be spread over multiple sessions, each session covering 1 to 2 body parts.

In selected patients Skin City uses ‘Orthostatic SafeLIPO’. In this, Liposuction is performed with fine cannulas in an awake, standing patient. This method imparts highly precise shaping and perfect assurance of safety.

Common body parts treated with safeLIPO are Tummy, love handles (flanks), buttocks, thighs, double chin and jowls on face.

Dermatologists at Skin City, who administer SafeLIPO, are affiliated to international bodies like ASDS, DASIL, ACSI, etc.