Arogya Expo 2014


Dr Niteen Dhepe talks of how culture has evolved from women wearing ghagra cholis to finally evolving and to a modern woman, who is a bread winner. We look at how beauty is being perceived today and the culture that has changed our definition of beauty for us. He stresses on the fact that a skin can be a combination of oily to dry and it is bound to change with age and climate. The right to treat your skin is to get it analysed by a dermatologist and get it treated accordingly. You should be judicious in applying moisturizer to your skin and do it within three minutes of a bath for good care of the skin.


The best way to protect your skin is to protect your skin from the Sun and do not go out in the open without covering it. The Ozone layer in the atmosphere has thinned which is causing UV rays to come to the Earth. We need to protect ourselves from those rays and use anti-tan lotions regularly.


We should all follow a good skin care and hair care regime to maintain our skin and hair. Dr Dhepe’s tips were very useful with which we can protect our skin from any damage.