Arogya Expo 2014 – Day 3

Dr Niteen Dhepe is a master of his domain, only in a span of few minutes he told us various ways to lose weight. He also busted many myths about fat and cholesterol level in our body. He told us that it is not our weight but the level of fat content in our body which is a matter of worry. A thin person may have a larger fat and cholesterol content than a fat person.


His mantra to maintain weight is to eat every two hours. Drink water every two hours and increase your water consumption. He also mentioned the need and importance of exercise in our daily routine. We should have our breakfast within 60 mins of getting up. We should have a heavy breakfast, light lunch and super light dinner. Dinner should be consumed 2 hours before sleeping.


We should do pull weights anti gravity for reduction of cholesterol and fat in our body. Activities like running and brisk walking only help us with a better blood circulation and do not really work on our cholesterol levels. He tells us to clear off our mental blockages regarding weight and fat levels. We should be comfortable with our body to start with and with the help professionals we can get to the perfect amount of fat and muscle composition.