Congregation of Cosmetic Dermatology of Cross Functionalities in the Medical Practice

The practice of Cosmetic Dermatology now is not just restricted to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons but is a part of the other medical faculties as well. You have gynecologists who are referring patients to dermatologists and dermatologists who are referring patients to endocrinologists and vice versa. This is a sign of advancement in the medical domain where, advanced diagnostic tools are available to diagnose problems which were not easily identified. Today the role played by dermatopathologists has become very critical in the diagnosis of skin problems and has become an important tool in practitioners of cosmetic dermatology to serve their patients better. We also have many instances where doctors with an M.D. in medicine are specializing in anti ageing and are working in collaboration with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. This only goes to prove that the future in this field is very bright. This conversion of cross functionalities is healthy and augers well for the industry.