NEW YEAR, NEW YOU – A Femina Special Feature

Resolutions often prove pretty tough to keep. Start with something simple; like taking better care of yourself. Unlike certain resolutions which can sometimes turn into regrets, giving yourself the TLC you deserve is always a good plan, which is exactly why we should all make it a point to step up our skincare and body care game in the year ahead says Smita Gautam of SkinCity which is the largest skin and hair restoration center in India and offers solutions for all skin, hair and body shape problems.

JANUARY Get a skin analysis done. Assess the partying, lifestyle and makeup damage to your skin carried over from the previous year. Replenish your skincare products and update your regime to include routine cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Add an anti-ageing product if you’ve turned 25 during the previous year. Get rejuvenating skin services to revive your skin beauty.

FEBRUARY Get a body analysis done. Assess your diet plan and exercise regime and decide if it suits you and is working towards achieving what you want. Get lifestyle guidance from an expert. With summer approaching, if you have excessive sweating this is the time to get your zero sweat solution.

MARCH Get a cleanup if you are acne prone; buy your summer skincare products. Keep your skin protected from the sun. Acne and acne scar treatments go hand in hand. Get started now to get the best results by the time summer peaks.

APRIL Get a hair analysis done for an early diagnosis of hair fall and thinning. Start a hair care regime. Get a hair transplant if you need it, this will ensure you have a full head of hair by the end of the year.

MAY it’s summer time; do you need a little nip and tuck to flaunt that bikini bod? Now is the time to do it. The choice is wide. From an hour long Cryolipolysis to a few hours of Safe Liposuction, you can look fabulous in a day and wear a two piece for that beach holiday.

JUNE To battle frizzy hair and dull skin during the monsoon, get pampering treatments for your skin and hair. The Helios laser skin toning will get rid of the beach tan and give you bright and beautiful skin, not only on your face but on any pigmented part of your body, like the back, upper thighs, buttocks etc.

JULY if you are a bride to be, start your bridal package now. Mothers of the bride and groom can get a non-surgical facelift. The famous Ulthera HIFU treatment will make you look years younger by October. This service is perfect for anything from a mild loss of skin tone to frank sagging.

AUGUST With festivities around the corner, get a Medifacial to suit your skin type and look lovely for the whole month.

SEPTEMBER Start your Laser hair reduction package now; you will be completely hair free by the time summer arrives. Sport a smooth and silky skin next summer.

OCTOBER it’s the month of festive offers, celebrations, and fun. Invest in your skin and hair by signing up for good packages for the season. Brides to be, you are almost at the D- day, if you haven’t already started it’s never too late. Start your Bridal beauty regime, now.

NOVEMBER  Add deep moisturizers and nourishing skin treatments to prevent dryness of skin and hair that winter brings. Winter causes additional dryness to aging skin and the sun causes further damage. Avail of replenishing treatments to keep your skin, healthy and youthful.

DECEMBER it’s party time. Indulge in pampering treatments for your skin and hair to give you an immediate glow and look radiant wherever you go.