Taking Vows to Look Beautiful Together

The bold, beautiful and successful couples take their common interests and healthy competition from the professional world to the grooming world discovers Smita Gautam, the Business Strategy Consultant.

Skin City has a range of ‘skintillating’ services for men and women. Narcissism was essentially considered a feminine trait which has now caught the fancy of men of all ages. This led to the coining of the term Metrosexual , for men who not only like to take care of their personal grooming but also go a mile further to actually getting professional help to look better. The beauty and wellness industry has progressed leaps and bounds to cater to the demands of men who are now conscious of their appearance and like to indulge themselves and their partners in the best beauty and cosmetic services available.


Common problems faced by men are oily skin, acne break outs, excessive underarm sweating and tanning of the face, neck and hands. Skin City has a range of services which address all of the above problems. With new age technology and quick in and out time, it is very convenient to take care of all minor and major concerns. Men are now increasingly conscious of problems ranging from balding to excessive body hair. Skin City has a team of hair experts who perform the latest technique in hair transplantation called FUE. So go ahead and show your woman how you can beat her at her own game. In fact, women, gift your men a pampering session at Skin City and maybe he will return the favor.


From time immemorial, women have been pampering themselves to look and feel beautiful. Skin City understands the unique need of every woman and has services that range from fairness treatments to removal of unwanted hair, anti-ageing services and body shaping. Skin City has the latest technology in laser hair removal which is quick and painless and has patented the Safelipo service which allows you to enter at 10 AM and exit at 4 PM with the ideal body shape. One of Skin City’s taglines, ‘Creating Timeless Beauty’ appeals to the innate desire of every woman.

So take your relationship to the next level by encouraging each other to look and feel good! Spice it up with a visit to Skin City.