Double Chin – A Problem with a Simple Solution

The face of a person can speak volumes. Facial beauty has been a topic of wonder and importance since time immemorial. For example, ancient Egypt was home to the beautiful Nefertiti, a queen well known for her flawless beauty. Her beauty was so well known in all of Egypt that her sculptures made were the most recognizable everywhere, by everyone. The most striking feature of her beauty was her face – specifically, her clear cut jaw line and high cheekbones. So, it is safe to say that the jaw line is an integral part of the beauty of the face.

Take a look at Indian celebrities, for example. Be it Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Tiger Shroff, or Ranveer Singh, their facial features show a distinct jaw line that enhances their beauty and looks, making them doubly photogenic on screen and on cameras. Most of us are blessed with sharp features. However, we often forget to take care of ourselves to let our features shine.

Sharp jaw lines are a sign of less/appropriate amount of fat around your mandible, i.e. the soft area under your chin. How is it that we fail to take care of it? Having excess fat or muscle on the mandible is the reason for losing the sharpness of the jaw. Excess fat on the mandible, right under your chin, is referred to as the ‘double chin’. For some people, a double chin is developed as a result of weight gain that causes excess fat to pile on different areas of the body (including the mandible). However, some people are inherently left with a double chin which has nothing to do with weight. In such cases, heredity is a major factor and one can trace it within the family itself.

There are several ways in which people try to reduce double chins. Some natural methods of reducing them are exercise and proper diet, which helps them lose fat and restore their original jaw structure. However, in some cases like hereditary factors or persistent fat on the mandible despite losing weight, it becomes tough to use natural methods. People often try massage oils, creams, lotions, etc that promise to reduce fat, but more often than not, with no results. These oils and creams are easily available, but the science behind their working is hardly enough support to prove their effectiveness.

Here comes a way when natural methods don’t work – reducing double chins medically.

Doctors first analyze the nature of the double chin. A double chin is a combination of excess fat under the chin, often accompanied by loose skin. It is a hypertrophy of the chewing muscle that gives a thick, tyre-like look. The doctors check whether the fold is persistent only under the chin, or is an extension of fat in the cheeks as well, and decide what needs to be done accordingly.

The medical treatment of a double chin includes the tightening of skin by re-modeling the collagen layer of the skin. The skin of the entire face can also be lifted, and the volume of the masseter muscle is reduced. Skin tightening is achieved by polar radio frequency devices, ultrasound devices, etc that help lift the double chin and provide firmness, provided that there is enough loose skin available. Sometimes there is more fat than there is loose skin, so the treatment might not help.

Another approach hence is reducing the volume of fat in the area. There are several FDA approved scientific methods of reducing fat around the area, like injection lipolysis – injections diluted in saline are placed between the layer of fat, which helps destroy a considerable amount of fat cells in the area. About 8-24 injections are required in various places as a part of the process, but more might be required in the future. This is a great way to give shape to the area below the chin without surgery.

Another method of reducing fat cells is through ultrasound lipolysis. The vibrations of cavitational ultrasound work directly to destroy the fat cells by breaking through the walls of these cells.

The finest way of removing fat through liposuction is the micro-cannula liposuction, also known as Safe Lipo, a protocol developed by Skin City. The fat is sucked in a small quantity from the depths of the fat layer, keeping the contour of the face intact. The fat layer then collapses, paving way for a new collagen layer to be formed. This creates firmness in the skin, thus reducing the double chin and makes the skin tighter.

Yet another method of reducing the double chin is through high intensity focus ultrasound. Very high density of focus ultrasound is delivered that penetrates through the depths of the skin, and specifically targets collagen. The destruction of the walls of the adipose stimulates the formation of new collagen layers, which tighten the septa and hypersepta. Thus, the double chin is compressed and the volume is reduced.

All these services are available at Skin City, so feel free to walk in and get them done. The best part is – these procedures take about 30 minutes, so you don’t have to be pressed for time to get them done and look your best.