Skin Lightening & Skin Whitening Treatment – Should You Even Get It?

Skin lightening, skin whitening, and skin bleaching is a process that lightens your skin tone using chemical substances.

Skin Lightening and Skin Whitening Treatment


How is the skin color determined?
A specific amount of melanin determines the color of the skin. Melanin is a type of skin pigment that is produced by the melanocytes. Hormonal factors, skin damage, excess exposure to sunlight, or over exposure to some chemicals may also influence the production of melanin.
Though the skin color changes on instances such as when direct exposure to sunlight is reduced, sun tans fade away. However, over a certain period of time, some discolorations such as “liver” spots or “age” spots become more or less permanent.

What does skin bleaching mean?
Skin bleaching is a type of cosmetic procedure to diminish skin discolorations and to even out the uneven skin color. Some even apply to change their complexion, but this may incur danger to the body. Since some of the skin lighteners contain mercury, so skin bleaching may at times result into mercury poisoning.
A word of caution for pregnant ladies would be to steer clear of using skin lighteners as it can impact their unborn child and may cause birth defects.

What are the uses of skin whitening?
Areas affected by high pigmentation like birth marks may be depigmented to match up to the skin around the area, where in cases like Vitiligo, unaffected skin may be whitened / lightened for a uniform look. But if skin lighteners are frequently used, it may result in pigmentation spreading to the ears, fingers, buttocks and joints of toes. It could also lead to thinning of skin in the region surrounding the eye which is like a ‘bleach panda effect’.

Skin lightening treatment at Skin City
Skin Lightening Systems – These consist of two services, which have been formulated specifically to reduce skin pigmentation as well as to exfoliate and clarify the skin:
In this service a light microdermabrasion is done to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin, this is followed by a lactic acid peel which is also a gentle exfoliant as well as a skin clarifying agent. Know more

In summary, Skin lightening or skin whitening is a cosmetic dermatological procedure where chemical agents are used for lightening the skin tone. Always consider, the beauty of skin is not only about the skin color, but an even skin tone. Hence consult the best Cosmetic Dermatologist who can address all your queries and put all your concerns to rest.