Life is Beautiful!

In this age of crazy schedules, impossible deadlines and demanding lifestyles, people look for ways to distress and unwind by indulging in various spa treatments and therapies.

However, the effects of stress on the body is not limited to just mental and physical exhaustion. The negative effects of this silent menace are very visible on the Skin & Hair. Hair loss, adult acne breakouts, weight gain and early ageing of Skin are some of the fallouts.

Every individual should take responsibility for their own good health. Making time for a regular exercise regime, getting a regular medical checkup, following a healthy diet and controlling late nights and alcohol intake will help you look and feel better and therefore build your confidence and energy levels , thereby improving the quality of life.

For your skin and hair the importance of a visit to a dermatologist cannot be emphasized enough. A skin & Hair analysis once in six months will alert you to any specific as well as systemic problems and enable early intervention. A regular, Body composition analysis will help you identify early unhealthy fat gain and slowing metabolism.

Looking good is now as important as enjoying good health. Dr. Niteen Dhepe, Medical Director Skin City says “There is nothing wrong with maintaining and enhancing your natural beauty. Having healthy hair and skin and height weight ratio is a matter of taking pride in you. There is everything right in that.”

Wanting lustrous hair and optimum weight and shape is an important development in the mindset of both men and women.

There is no need to live with any condition that lowers your self esteem. Be it a balding pate, loss of body shape, small breasts, wrinkles, unwanted hair or any other condition that makes you unhappy with your appearance. Skin City offers solutions to all of the above problems and more. Also most solutions which were once considered risky and requiring downtime are now daytime procedures and completely safe. For example, Skin City’s SafeLIPO gives you your desired body shape in a day. You walk in at 10 am and walk out at 4pm with your desired figure.

The same is with Hair Transplantation; you can start growing a whole head of hair in a day.

So the next time you decide to take some time off and pamper yourself, check in to Skin City and make all your dreams come true! Look beautiful, because that’s what life is.