Permanent Hair Removal With the Revolutionary Alexandrite Technology

Super smooth skin FOREVER!!!
Super hair removal the Skin City way!!

Skin City, India’s largest skin and hair restoration centre, has installed the Alexandrite laser with 755nm wavelength.The technologies available are The Soprano ICE and The Platinum Plus Technologies. This is the solution for complete, permanent body hair removal. This technique is apparently so efficient, that the process is called Super Hair Removal.

Q: Dr. Dhepe, can you throw some light on the need and concept of Super Hair Removal?
A: Today people have become very conscious and particular about their looks and they take every possible step to look presentable. A smooth hairless body, that includes underarms, legs, arms, chest, etc. is the first step to acquiring a pleasant personality. In today’s busy times, it might not be possible to go for waxing and shaving every few days. People want a permanent solution to body hair problems.
Laser technology is the answer to their needs. However the new Alexandrite laser is the latest, state of the art technology for painless, swift and permanent hair removal and the process is called Super Hair Removal.

Q: How is the Alexandrite Laser different?
A: Skin City is the first in the country to have installed this laser technology. This technology takes a fraction of the time as compared to other laser technologies to treat a given area. This is because of the speed of the machine and the fact that the treatment is painless, so large body parts can be covered quickly with no discomfort to the client.

Q: What are the benefits of Super Hair Removal?
A: Because of the speed and comfort experienced with this technology, clients are able to take treatments on large body parts comfortably. This is especially beneficial for clients who opt for full body hair removal. This is also a special boon for male clients who wish to remove excess body hair which is the trend now. With older technologies local anesthesia was required due to the density and thickness of hair in males which made it a very painful experience. However with Super Hair Removal the process has become quick and painless. Skin City has attractive laser packages for both male and female clients.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: A single sitting of Super Hair Removal for the full body requires 3-4 hours; as against other lasers which require the treatment to be done in stages which can take upto 3 days due to the pain and the time it consumes. The Suprano ICE and Platinum Plus Laser machines are quick and efficient and Skin City has highly trained therapists to carry out the treatments.

Q: Does it have any side-effects?
A: Absolutely none. Super Hair Removal is a safe method of permanent laser hair removal. It targets the hair follicles in the skin without any side effects to the skin or body. Skin City has a team of highly trained professionals who impart customized treatment based on individual requirement for safe and efficacious results.

Q: Is it expensive?
A: The treatment cost for Super Hair Removal is on par with other laser hair removal treatments, but is more quick and efficient. However it works out more economical to have Super Hair Removal done for permanent freedom from unwanted hair than to adopt the lifelong conventional temporary methods like threading and waxing.

Q: How many sittings are required for optimum results?
A: For permanent hair removal a client may require up to 8 to 12 sittings, depending on the hair growth. Skin City advocates a clear expectation alignment with the client to ensure client satisfaction with excellent results.

In case anyone reading this blog has any more questions about Super Hair Removal, he/she can write to me on Dr. Niteen Dhepe, Medical Director, Skin City be happy to answer their questions.