Can You Reverse Aging? Regain Your Lost Youth With Liquid Facelift Treatments

Can You Reverse Aging? Regain Your Lost Youth With Liquid Facelift Treatments

Ageing of skin occurs in all the layers of the skin. The texture roughens, the collagen thickness gets depleted, water content dries up, the fat layer shifts and muscle tone goes down. It is unscientific to expect a single treatment or a single cream to reverse all these changes. Ageing of the face causes a 3 dimensional change so treatment should address the changes in all layers.

We at SkinCity advocate that the ideal anti ageing treatment should address all of the following – tightening & lifting, filling for hydrating & Skin brightening. Thus we advise the 3D facelift for optimum results.


Liquid Facelift

Botulinum Toxin (Botox): The Wrinkle Smoothner:
At Skin City, our doctors are striving to provide solutions for anti ageing. Looking good does wonders for our confidence & helps us be successful in every field. Wrinkles are formed on the face over time due to sun exposure & continuous muscle activity. These lines often make us look tired, angry or older than we are. Botulinum Toxin is one of the best & the most popular wrinkle reduction treatment available today.

What is Botulinum Toxin?
Botulinum Toxin is a US FDA approved natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles & creates a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. According to US FDA, anybody in the age group of 18-80 yrs (not in pregnant or breastfeeding women) of age who desires to get rid of their wrinkles & have a smoother appearance can get the treatment done.

What are The Indications for Botulinum Toxin?
To remove frown lines between the eyebrows,
Crow’s feet around the eyes,
horizontal forehead wrinkles,
Bunny Lines on the nose,
Downturned corners of the lips,
Neck bands (chicken legs) and horizontal lines,
Chin creasing, to reduce broad jaws,
to improve the facial contour,
to lift sagging jowls.

For improving gummy smile
Hyperhidrosis: To reduce excessive sweating on palms & underarms

How is The Treatment Done?
Few injections with a very fine, small sterile needles are given in the desired area. No anaesthesia is required. The pain is minimal, often described like an ant bite sting. For those who have a low pain threshold, ice packs can be used to alleviate pain. One can resume normal activities immediately. It takes effect after 4-5 days, with full effect 7-15 days post treatment.

How Long Does The Effect Last?
Effect may last for 4-6 months or longer, results vary from patient to patient. May last longer with repeated treatments. But result will wear off progressively (not suddenly).
Will my lines worsen if I discontinue Botulinum Toxin?
NO. Eventually, wrinkles will return as they were before the treatment.

What are The Side Effects?
No long-term side effects reported in the 20 years of use. Most common side effect is tenderness and bruising at the site of injection. Some people may have a feeling of heaviness in the head for a few hours.

Is It Safe?
Botulinum Toxin is a purified protein derivative of botulinum toxin A & has been used for the last 20 years safely. It is US FDA approved. It is also used for treatment of migraine. Botulinum Toxin is also approved for use in children over 2 years of age with cerebral palsy.

Fillers: Fill in The Youth

Do you want to have high cheek bones/ sharp sculpted nose/ attractive pout like your favourite actresses?
Nothing is impossible to achieve at Skin City, whether you wanted to have higher cheek bones, sculpted jawline or a narrow or straight nose, an oval face or full lips.

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Esthelis, Fortelis&Modelis are used for non surgical face lift which give you an instant result which could last upto 2 years. Fillers are injections given into the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue to make one look youthful.

What is a HA Filler?
HA is a safe, US FDA approved dermal filler that is injected into deeper layers of skin and suncutaneous tissue for the correction of facial lines and wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds. HA provides long lasting correction of smile lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, and hands with a natural look.

What are The Indications for Fillers?
Filling the tear trough giving tired look to your eyes
Deep laugh lines, nasolabial folds
Sunken or hollow cheeks
Mental crease,
Chin augmentation,
Nose shaping without surgery,
Lip plumping, lip defining,
Prominent marionette lines,
Non surgical face lift,
Filling shallow hands.

How Does It Work?
HA filler is gently injected into the skin in small amounts with a very fine needle. HA stimulates the body to produce new collagen. It absorbs water, increases in size and lifts up the surrounding area. This unique response provides immediate, visible improvement of folds and wrinkles and provides long-lasting and excellent results.

How is The Procedure Performed?
It is done in a clinic setting by our trained dermatologists by injecting into the skin through a thin needle. It is simple, safe, quick. Most patients return to normal activities almost immediately after treatment.

When The Results Are Seen?
The results are immediate and continue to improve as it stimulates your body to produce new collagen. Results may last a year or more in many patients.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?
Many patients will achieve their desired result after just one treatment. In the follow-up visit, a touch up treatment might be recommended if required.

Side Effects?
Mild irritation, edema, swelling, itching, discoloration, or tenderness at the injection site may occur. They typically resolve within one to two days..

How Safe are They?
Hyaluronic acid is a substance of natural origin, which is safe and completely biocompatible and wholly biodegradable with no risk of allergy.

As described, liquid facelifts helps to improve laxity in the face and will give a person a youthful and refreshing look. If this seems like a procedure that is a good option for you, take the time to set up a free consultation with an expert at Skin City.