Advancements in Aesthetic Practice

The methodology and the systems used in Dermatology treatments in the past were entirely different when compared to those used in the present times. The technological advancements made in the field of Dermatology paved the way for innumerable kinds of methods and procedures which have reduced the risk of side effects. In the early days, lasers were used to treat benign vascular birthmarks and haemangioma. The one disadvantage of the laser treatment then was the occurrence of scars as side effects.

Today, nothing can rejuvenate your skin like a laser treatment.  The technology is changing constantly, and it’s one of the treatments (unlike Botox) you can indulge in. Also, body-sculpting services that incorporate lasers have begun to get popularity due to the low downtime and no surgical procedures. In the past, the equipment necessary for such treatments were not easily sourceable, but that’s not the case anymore. Because of this, body-sculpting is becoming a much more common part of the medical aesthetic experience. However, the use of lasers has made it possible for medical aesthetic facilities such as Skin City to offer it as an outpatient procedure with a recovery period that measure in hours rather than weeks. Patient satisfaction for this procedure has been off the charts—like nothing the industry has ever seen.  It is an exciting time in dermatology, as there continues to be a shift in the understanding of the pathophysiology of many disease states, bringing new therapies for difficult to treat conditions.  The medical field of laser treatment has made such a great advancement in the recent years that the patient is no longer worried about the side effects. With the advancement of medicine, the field of Dermatology and Aesthetic practices is thriving. The future in this domain is bright, and the better is yet to come!

Clearly, at Skin City, we definitely have the solution to your concerns, be it from laser hair removal to under eye circles to hair fall and even fat loss and cellulite! With nearly every treatment available, we have the top options to heal your problems. And, if you need a pre-bridal glow, then feel free to try a glow facial from our menu of glow and maintenance facials list for a quick rejuvenation that truly lasts. We specialize in bridal beauty and also in giving facials that truly make a difference in the health and condition of your skin, as opposed to salon facials that only make you feel cleaner for a few days.

At Skin City, we believe in long-term solutions, not short-term fixes. Our approach is to design a 360-degree bespoke solution that includes basic skin care, hair treatments, and body programs so that you can have natural beauty from the inside out for your lifetime.