Get Back in Shape with Laser Liposuction, See Unbelievable Results!

The fight against an out of shape body is always on the cards. People want to get back in shape though it is not always easy. Even if a good diet control and exercise regime is maintained, it is entirely possible that some fat may remain on certain parts of the body. Laser liposuction is a viable way to remove fat.

It is a Non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedure which can allow patients to remove excess fat without undergoing invasive surgeries.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser lipo utilizes some of the techniques associated with tumescent liposuction while utilizing a laser to remove fat. It is the ‘GOLD STANDARD’ procedure for permanent removal of subcutaneous fat. This, in turn, means that the patient typically undergoes less healing and sees better results. Fat removal with laser liposuction typically works by introducing the laser to the fat in order to loosen it and make it easier for removal. The excess fat is then removed via suction. It is the tightening of the skin that may take the time to heal, as the removal of fat often requires skin to become tighter. This means that the result of laser lipo will both look excellent and only get better as time passes.

Understanding the Benefits of SafeLIPO

The unique nature of the Skin City SafeLIPO procedure produces exclusive benefits for patients who undergo it. These benefits include:

  • A reduction in excess fat at the site of treatment – Laser liposuction effectively breaks down fatty tissue, and removes it. This allows for patients to see immediate results that only become better as time progresses.
  • Less discomfort – Compared to traditional liposuction procedures, laser liposuction produces minimal discomfort. Patients are given a mild anesthesia to help further ease any discomfort that may occur.
  • Faster recovery – Laser lipo’s use of a laser-tipped probe allows it to cleanly remove fatty tissue in a way that appears natural. The laser also tends to help foster a faster recovery, which in turn leads to better overall results.
  • Minimal downtime – A patient walks into Skin City at 10 am and walks out at 4 pm after undergoing ‘SafeLIPO’. The patient does not even need painkillers after the procedure. One can treat the entire body in multiple sessions, 1 to 2 body parts are covered in each session.
  • Heightened safety – The last major benefit of laser liposuction is the increased safety present for patients. The minimally-invasive nature of laser Lipo combines with the laser technology to reduce the risk of infection while effectively removing fat cells.

Of course, pairing your treatments with regular exercise and a healthy diet can only help you achieve optimal results. When planning for a lipo laser treatment, consider changing your lifestyle habits to keep the fat off. Laser treatments are truly the smart option when considering options to melt your fat away. Not only is it less invasive, your skin won’t sag and you can get back to your normal schedule right after surgery!

To learn more about Skin City’s Laser lipo and other treatment options for removing excess fat, set up a consultation at any of our state-of-the-art clinics. We can answer your questions, and then help you determine the most effective and comfortable way of removing your excess body fat.