The Double Chin Jeopardy

The Double Chin Jeopardy

A double chin which is also known as Submental fat, is a very common condition in which a layer of fat get deposited under the chin. It is normally related to weight gain however some people who are not overweight develop it as well. Genetics and loss of skin tone due to aging also cause double chin.

There are several ways of reducing Submental fat. One that is enjoying growing popularity is the lysis or destruction of adipocytes or fat cells through Geolysis. Treatment with Geolysis is customized as per the requirement   of the individual. Once the desired results are achieved, re-treatment is not required. The treatment is delivered in form of injections to the Submental area.

How it works:

The product used is a naturally occurring molecule the helps to break down fat and aids it’s absorption. When injected into the under-chin area it targets and eliminates fat cell. This results in a more sculpted chin profile.

The treatment:

The treatment takes around 15-20 minutes. A series of injections are given under the skin at an optimal depth of 13mm. It does not involve surgery of any kind.


Extensive trials on this treatment have been successfully carried out in Canada. Side effects are normally restricted to mild to moderate swelling, bruising, pain and numbness. These side effects subside in a few days and can be minimized by applying ice-packs to the area as required. It is important to schedule the treatment keeping work and social commitments in mind.


This treatment has been approved by Health Canada. Deoxycholic acid which is the active ingredient in these injections has been known to also stimulate collagen thus improving skin laxity after the treatment.

Method of treatment:

The protocol consists of intra fat administration of injections with the use of insulin syringes.

The area is divided into a grid with up-to 50 points spaced at a distance of 1cm apart from each other. Up to 3-4 treatments maybe required at 2 month intervals for best results.