Strawberry Nevus Birthmark: Everything You Need to Know About

Strawberry Nevus Birthmark

“I didn’t notice that little birthmark before… “It’s huge! Will it really go away?” Parents’ reactions to these colourful birthmarks vary almost as much as the hemangiomas aka strawberry nevus themselves.


What Exactly is a Strawberry Nevus Birthmark?

Strawberry nevus birthmarks are the tufts of extra blood vessels that commonly occur in children.

Usually, they occur on the surface of the skin (strawberry hemangiomas), and those that are deeper in the skin are sometimes called cavernous hemangiomas. Some are mixed strawberry and cavernous hemangiomas. They are found on at least one in fifty babies. They tend to run in families. Girls are more likely to have hemangiomas than boys. They are also more common in babies with lighter skin colouring.


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What are the Symptoms?

Strawberry nevus in babies s are bright red (or purple), soft, raised, squishy birthmarks with sharp borders. They often start as little red dots surrounded by a pale halo before they grow. They are most common on the head, chest, or upper back. Deeper cavernous hemangiomas often appear bluish, and the borders look less distinct. If the hemangioma is deep enough, the overlying skin might look normal. Most are found on the head or neck. Most of them grow rapidly, doubling their size and then plateau for a while before collapsing and disappearing. When the colour becomes dull, or the centre appears gray or pinkish-gray, the hemangioma may be entering the slow disappearing phase.


How is it Diagnosed?

Strawberry Nevus of skin is usually diagnosed based on the physical exam. Sometimes blood tests or imaging studies are needed to assess the situation. Hemangiomas on the organs are usually spotted during an imaging test, such as an ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan. They’re usually detected as an incidental finding.


What are the Treatments Available?

A single, small hemangioma usually requires no treatment. It will likely go away on its own. However, some cases require treatment, such as skin hemangiomas that develop lesions or sores. Skin City is one of the few places in the world offering strawberry nevus treatment and treatment for birthmarks like Hairy Melanocytic Nevus, moles, Nevus of Ota, Becker’s nevus, Haemangioma, AV malformations, and Verrucous Epidermal nevus.  Diode, LP NDYag, QswitchedNDYag, Pulse dye laser, the latest Dye VL technology, Ultra pulse fractional CO2 laser and LEO technology are a few of the latest tools in Skin City’s armamentarium to treat birthmarks.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Skin City offers quality treatment for strawberry nevus at an affordable cost. Since birthmarks appear in a variety of colors, different shapes and sizes, the cost of their removal cannot be standard. The birthmark removal cost for each will be affected by these factors. Every birthmark is unique and thus even the removal sessions will vary. Each has to get customized treatment which also affects pricing. When you visit us, we will examine the birthmark and depending on how many times they will be required to attend laser sessions they can estimate the amount.

Should we need to treat your child, you’re in the right place.

Our doctors have seen and treated many kids with many different kinds of birthmarks—which means that if your child needs treatment, he’ll get expert care from experienced physicians. Our dermatologists and plastic surgeons recognize that visible birthmarks can affect a child’s self-confidence. We work closely with parents to ensure that every decision to remove a birthmark prioritizes the child’s long-term medical and emotional health.

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