Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks: Everything You Need to Know About

Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks: Everything You Need to Know About

Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks - All You Need To Know

Let’s be honest. Babies don’t arrive fresh from the womb looking, especially after natural birth. They have vernix; they may be puffy if you had an epidural; they have bruises and rashes and hair in all the wrong places. And what about birthmarks?

Does your baby have a port wine birthmark? Is it a cause for concern?

Let’s know all about it, putting an end to your queries.

What is a Port-Wine Stain Birthmark?

Port wine stain birthmark (also called nevus flammeus) is a type of capillary (small blood vessel) malformation. They’re characterized by pink or red patches of discoloured skin, frequently on the neck or head, but can also be found on other areas of the body. Port wine birthmarks typically start off lightly coloured at birth, but tend to get darker (if left untreated) as baby grows. This vascular birthmark can range from barely noticeable, to more prominent, in which case, there may be treatment options you might want to consider, which we’ll discuss later in the blog.

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What Port Wine Birthmark Symptoms Tell You?

  • Generally, the only symptom of a port-wine stain is the appearance.
  • They are not painful or itchy.
  • A port-wine stain is treated in case the appearance of it could upset the child as they grow up.

Port Wine Birthmark Cause: Understanding Its Root

  • A port wine stain birthmark is caused by abnormal
  • development of tiny blood vessels.
  • Usually, these stains are found from birth in newborn babies. They are formed because the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the skin are too big (dilated).
  • Normally we have microscopic nerves that keep the blood vessels small (constricted) most of the time. This keeps skin cool and pale usually.
  • In port wine stains birthmarks the nerves that control the blood vessels don’t work properly, so they are permanently dilated. The result is that the skin looks red when it shouldn’t.
  • Usually, the redness is in a patch on the face, neck, scalp or upper chest.

How Would a Doctor Diagnose a Port Wine Stain Birthmark?

There is no particular test for a port-wine stain.

  • The diagnosis is made on the appearance of a newborn’s skin.
  • A biopsy is not normally necessary.
  • A port-wine stain should not be confused with a ‘salmon patch’ or ‘stork mark’ that almost half of babies have, on the back of their neck in the midline. This fades over about a year and is entirely harmless.

Port Wine Stain Birthmark Treatment: What are Your Options?

Most port-wine stains are quite pale and flat in a newborn. If left alone they gradually get thicker, bumpy and darker. This is why early treatment, in a young child, is better than in an adult.

If you’re interested in port wine stain removal, here’s what you need to know:

  • the earlier you seek treatment, the better
  • not all port wine stains will respond to treatment
  • be sure to find a qualified medical provider to perform the removal

While each child’s port wine stain is different and treatment will depend on many factors, you do have some options.

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Treatments are relatively quick, out-patient procedures, and include a localized anaesthetic, though general anaesthesia may be recommended for uncooperative children or those with very large port wine stains. It’s suggested that treatments occur every 2-4 weeks until improvement is no longer observed.

The Cost Factor

Skin City is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services, offers affordable and cost-effective birthmark removal procedures. To know more about the cost of your procedure, call us to ask questions about Skin treatments and put your mind at rest. Our cosmetologists will be there to offer full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

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