Know About Burn Scars And How You Can Tackle It

Burn Scars

Burn injuries are predominantly caused due to touching any hot object or getting burnt, which is often accidental. When the burn is very superficial affecting only the epidermis, it heals without scarring. But when it breaches the dermis, the deeper layer of skin, it invariably leads to scarring. This scarring is due to a substitution of normal tissue with excessive abnormal collagen.This may lead to whitening, textural changes and even contractures which limit skin and joint mobility.


Despite giving an immediate care after burn, scarring is inevitable. Previously the removal of excess scar tissue and skin grafting surgery used to be the only solution in improving the appearance of burn scars. Patients however still perceived that scar as “a scar” as there was a mismatch with the surrounding normal skin.

Treatment of Burn Scars:

Treatment will depend on the degree and size of the burn.

Laser treatments

Recent advances in laser treatments have improved our understanding of wound healing, which has evolved protocols surrounding burn scar management. To do so, Skin City is using improved protocols in laser treatment and beyond which has come up as a new ray of hope in the war against scars

Our Non-surgical treatment options include:

  • Ultrapulsefractional CO2 lasers
  • Pressure garments.
  • Silicone gel sheets.
  • Intralesional injections.
  • EnerjetJVR- jet volumetric remodeling

To elaborate….

Ultrapulse fractional lasers: These lasers create narrow columns of injury into the scar tissue and cause collagen remodeling. In simple words, abnormal collagen in the scar is replaced by much more organized new collagen.

Derma transport- Fractional drug delivery: Using fractional lasers, we can deliver active biomolecules or drugs uniformly into the scar tissue which also improves texture, thickness, colour and pliability of scars.

Enerjet JVR- jet volumetric remodeling: This is the latest technology which uses needle-free jet of active biomolecules which pierce directly into the scar tissue helping in scar remodeling. It is painless and has no side effects.


How To Get Rid Of Burn Marks Quickly?  

Let’s talk about how to lighten and fade burn scars once they have fully healed and you’re left with a discolored mark. After 6 months, the mature collagen becomes firm and abnormal. Burn scars get worse after that period, so initiating treatment as early as possible is the best way to improve the appearance of the scars.

  1. Creams available in the market don’t work as strong and surgery becomes necessary if not treated early.


  1. Burn scars often grow in size and are called hypertrophic scars. To prevent hypertrophy, pressure garments and silicone gel sheets are used. The pressure thus prevents the growth of the scar. Silicone gel prevents fibroblast proliferation and helps in the collagen remodeling.


  1. Burn scars can also be reduced in size by diminishing the blood supply to them. Vascular lasers like DYE-VL, target the vascularity of the scar, thereby reducing them.


  1. Large hypertrophic burn scars can be debulked with the help of UltrapulseSCAARFxlasers.


  1. Collagen remodeling can be induced with the help of the latest EnerjetJVR technology. This utilizes a jet of active molecules which enter the dermis through minute invisible injury. Through a single entrypoint, it disperses the product in an area of up to 1000 times the size of entry point.


  1. Dermatransporttechnique: Here active ingredients or drugs are delivered into the scar tissue uniformly using fractional lasers. The lasers create microchannels through which the drug enters the tissue uniformly and causes shrinkage of the scars.

Despite so many innovative techniques, what actually works best and fast is a cocktail of all of the above. A combination protocol involving, Ultrapulse SCAARfx, Enerjet JVR, dermatransport, and fractional drug delivery will improve burn scars upto 90%.


Can Old Burn Scars Be Treated?

 As a scar becomes old, it becomes more avascular, dry and firm. The more the aging of the scar, the more difficult it is to treat. Injections and surgery may not work well in old burn scars.


What Works Then?

Ultrapulse laser in SCAARFx mode gives out very deep narrow fractional beams and helps in fractional drug delivery also called Dermatransport method. This along with Enerjet JVR is the perfect combination for collagen remodeling. In case of burning, only burna is treated on priority – not the scars.


Burden of the burn cases..


The union health ministry says India records 70 lakh burn injury cases annually of which 1.4 lakh people die of burns every year. Around 70% of all burn injuries occur in the most productive age group of15-35 years. Around four out of five burn cases are women and children who belong form a part of the non-earning population. Most of the cases are not insured. Hence the financial burden of burn cases in India is immense. Many cases are due to domestic violence and have deep psychological consequences. Non-insured hospital treatment will eat up the entire budget, financial and psychological support. The patient is left not only physically scarred, but is also left with a financial and psychological setback. So it is wise to consider financial planning of scar treatment at the time of active burn injury management itself.


Can Contractures Be Released Without Surgery? 


Contractures are inevitable when burns occur around joints. Contractures are an active biological process by which an area of skin loss in an open wound is decreased when the wound heals, it contracts so as to reduce the defect and conserve collagen, due to a concentric reduction in the size of the wound.


How To Prevent Contractures? 

Wearing pressure garments as soon as the wound heals helps in preventing contractures. Silicone gel sheets also prevent hypertrophy and contractures. But once contractures develop and become old, they are only resolved with surgery. Non-surgical laser remodeling is a new ray of hope in the treatment of contractures. Ultrapulse SCAARFx mode laser can also be used to release contractures.


Can Lasers Help In Acid Burn Scars? 

There has been a rise in acid burn cases in India due to increased media exposure, hate crimes, and easy availability of caustic acids.  Acid burn victims undergo physical, mental and social trauma, followed by severe anxiety, depression and lowered self-esteem. They lose all hope and often resort to taking a harsh step.

What helps then?

  1. Surgical treatment + laser+ psychological treatment is the key. Appropriate surgery in time combined with lasers along with psychological support will restore the waning hope of acid burn victims.


  1. Combination protocols for acid burn scars- Optimum usage of Ultrapulse SCAAR Fx, fractional drug delivery (DERMATRANSPORT) and Enerjet jet volumetric remodeling will help to bring back that lost smile on an acid attack victims face.


  1. Laser therapy is usually complementary to surgery and can minimize the need of surgery.

Need expert advice from an expert esthetician at Skin City? Schedule a consultation to get customized advice in person. At Skin City, we are able to offer expert advice from our qualified doctors, plus proven-effective treatments to address burn scarring.

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