What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks

For many of us, stretch marks are those unwelcome scars that we’d like to just magically disappear. Stretch marks, or striae, mostly emerge on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts due to a certain kind of tension on skin which is more than the strength of the elastin and collagen fibres of skin.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are usually caused by one, or more, of the following:

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy. These are not necessarily a result of weight gain and stretching alone and can occur in women who have gained minimal weight.
  • Adolescent striae in early teenage years. These, again, may not always be associated with rapid weight gain.
  • Rapid weight gain or even crazy dieting fads.
  • Medical conditions, for example, underlying hormone diseases such as Cushing’s disease.
  • The use of topical and oral medications such as corticosteroids.

While some women are glad to show off their marks as a proud symbol of motherhood, others constantly search for treatments to get rid of them. Dr. Niteen Dhepe, our chief Dermatologist at Skin City Clinic explains why stretch marks appear and how to treat them.

He says, “The best way of treating it is to prevent it. Avoid rapid muscle gain, or rapid stretching during exercise. Smoking, disturbed sleep and stress will release toxic free oxygen radicals that compromise capillary circulation of skin. So stay away from killers like smoking and learn to cope up with stress. As a rule of thumb, during period of stretch on body, and stress on mind, make sure you have a diet full of antioxidants.”

Do Creams Really Work for Stretch Mark Treatment?

Beware of stretch mark creams which actually may contain steroids which are known to cause stretch marks. There are ‘good creams’ which contain moisturizers, silicone, vit E, phospholipids and retinoids while ‘bad creams’ will contain steroids. While the application of moisturizers can help the skin feel smoother and suppler, we have not seen sufficient evidence that moisturizers are effective at preventing or removing stretch marks.

Should You Go to a Dermatologist to Treat Stretch Marks?

Ideally yes. Dermatologists classify stretch marks into three categories as per their life cycle of stretch marks. Young newly formed stretch marks looks red called as striae rubra while old stretch marks lack blood circulation and look white and hence called striae alba. In darker patients old stretch marks look pigmented and called striaenigra.

Try Intense Pulse Light

If you have got residual stretch marks that aren’t improving and the redness remains, you could consider a treatment such as IPL (intense pulse light) that will promote collagen and reduce redness,” suggests Dr. Dhepe. “This treatment is available at clinics across India.

However, no two scars are ever the same, so no one treatment will be suitable for all of them.

However the latest exclusive combination of technologies offers a ray of hope. Skin City has developed a unique combination protocol to treat stretch marks. It combines Ultrapulse laser, Excimer laser, Cavitation ultrasound and RF skin tightening. One can expect amazing results if treatment with these great gadgets is combined. Six to eight sittings are required at 2 to 4 week interval.

Skin City is one of only a few clinics in India who is able to offer this treatment, and we’re pleased to be able to provide our clients with incredible stretch mark removal alongside our other world-class treatments.

Now why hide when you can flaunt your scar-free skin at Skin City? Call for an appointment today!