Can Chicken Pox Scars Be Treated?

Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken Pox is a disease which not only leaves your skin scarred but it also is a painful and traumatic experience. Typically, chicken pox scars appear as round, depressed marks on the face. Inflammation of the skin, which is common with chickenpox, can lead to scars with a sunken appearance. Many people want to reduce or remove these scars, especially when they’re on the face.

So, read on to learn some of the treatment options you have for chickenpox scars.

The key to controlling the disease and therefore limiting scarring is by administering anti-virals  and antibiotics within 24 hours of diagnosis staying hydrated and taking rest.

Best Ways To Remove Chicken Pox Scars:

Previously surgical excision was the only treatment. Now we can convert a depressed scar to an acceptable rolling scar through collagen remodeling with Ultrapulse and Enerjet JVR.


1. Chickenpox scars need depth correction either by elevating the depressed base of the scar or by shouldering or smoothening the edge of the scar or overall skin tightening with collagen induction.

2. When you want “No marks left!” are creams more effective or lasers?

  • Any injury beyond the capacity of body’s healing process will heal by deposition of excessive abnormal collagen,which is avascular and firm.
  • Creams penetrate only the upper layer of skin while scar collagen is much thicker and deeper.So creams play a limited role in deep scars, they can be beneficial in thin superficial scars.
  • Also most of the scar creams contain potent topicalsteroids which are not only unnecessary but also harmful to the skin.
  • There are complications resulting from the use of potent steroid creams for eg. TSDF(topical steroid dependent face)
  • Therefore use of no scars or mark creams can do more harm than good.


3. Enerjettechnology fornon surgical improvement of chicken pox scars:

  • Scarsare made up of bad collagen which replaces the normal tissue after wound healing. The conventional treatment of scars used to be surgical excision.


  • The breakthrough in scar treatment came after the invention of fractional technology. It destroys abnormal collagen/scar tissue partially which initiates the healing process in surrounding normal tissue. Therefore fractional damage is the key. Still the new collagen formation is dependent on the hydration and vascularity of the tissue.


  • Enerjetuses patented jet volumetric remodeling technology(JVR).  This is a needleless injection system which delivers active drugs directly into the dermis with just air pressure. Minute quantities of the drug pierces the skin with the speed of a bullet (150mtrs/sec) and creates a unique injury pattern in the dermis. It is a fractional injury to collagen with simultaneous fractional drug delivery. An ideal scenario desired by dermatologists.


  • JVR with Triamcinolone and 5-FU will cause dissolution of abnormal collagen while JVR with Hyaluronic acid will cause deposition of new healthy collagen.


  • EnerjetJVR with cross linked Hyaluronic acid will help flattening of depressed scars over 1-3 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart. Typically it is a  day care treatment and completely painless. Most patients don’t even require anesthesic creams for the procedure.

With these revolutionary treatments available now India wages war on scars with excellent results.