Beauty Tips for Girls: 21 Easy Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know

Beauty Tips for Girls

A teen girl’s life is exciting; there is so much to look forward to. It is all about rediscovering yourself. Teenage girls are very conscious about their looks, and chances are that your idea of beauty starts with pop songs and ends with film stars. You find yourself experimenting with everything related to makeup, beauty, skin care and probably browse through various “beauty tips for girls”. There is a constant desire in you to look good and presentable. There is this urge to look and behave like a lady.

Let’s Check Out Some Of The Best Beauty Tips For Girls:

1. Cleanse Carefully:

If your skin is oily, you’ll probably do well with a foaming or gel cleanser for daily skin care. Cleanse once a day or twice if your skin gets very oily or dirty throughout the day.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips:

The lips must be gently exfoliated to get rid of the dead skin cells during the winter months when the lips become dry and scaly.

3. Water:

This is the key to life, and if you do not drink water then your skin will never be as clean and clear as you want it to be.

4. Say No to Foundation:

Yes, it is very tempting to put on the foundation as makeup, but it is for older women.

5. Love Your Natural Hair:

Do not go for a whole new shade on your hair, the trick is to let the natural streak of it show.

6. Exfoliate:

You need to exfoliate only once or twice a week, using a relatively gentle product.

7. Use Vaseline:

This is by far one of the best and cheapest eye makeup removers, and not just that, it is also very famous for fixing chapped, scaly lips.

8. Get the Right ACNE Products:

If you have breakouts, try this approach: Wash your skin, use a toner, and then apply a medicated acne gel.

9. Don’t Share Makeup:

It’s an especially bad idea to share eye and lip products. So, as tempting as it is to try your friend’s perfect new eyeliner, get your own instead.

10. Choose Spray Hair Products:

If you notice that your acne breakouts cluster around your hairline or places where your hair often brushes your skin, consider that your hair product might be to blame.

11. Wear Sunscreen:

All the time, every time. Not just at the beach. You can get sun damage on cloudy days too.

12. For General All-Purpose Hair Upkeep:

shampoo just your roots, condition only your ends. Comb your hair out while it’s sopping wet, use a heat protectant if you’re flat-ironing.

13. For Teenage Under Eye Circles:

It’s usually a lack of sleep and/or dehydration. Teabags, cucumber slices and a yellow- or apricot-tinted concealer work like  magic.

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14. Don’t Use Soap:

Soap strips your skins natural barrier and can cause irritation and over oil production. Foam based cleansers with no soap help to clean, de-grease and smooth your skin.

15. Don’t Pick or Squeeze Spots / Blackheads:

Doing so will spread the spots and even scar your skin. Use a topical spot product to reduce redness and heal your breakouts.

16. Never Sleep in Your Makeup:

It clogs your pores and produces more spots. Clean skin= healthy skin.

17. Use Baby Powder as a Dry Shampoo:

You can use baby powder on unwashed hair to get rid of excess oil. Since baby powder is made for babies, it has comparatively less chemicals that can harm your delicate hair!

18. Find Time for Exercise.

Include 15 or 30 minutes of exercise each day to improve your stamina and skin texture.

19. Eat Fruits and Vegetables:

Eating unhealthy foods for extended periods of time can lead to health problems which usually show up on your skin.

20. Apply a Face Pack.

By applying face pack it deep cleanses your face, gives back your natural skin glow and helps to de-tan your face.

21. For Your Eye’s Only.

Don’t mess up with your eyes by applying expired make-up!

These beauty tips are for every girl to follow. If you’ve asked what’s the secret to healthy-looking skin? You can confidently tell them that there’s no magic pill or a secret mask, but just a natural and healthy beauty regime to consistently follow.

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