10 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid of Pregnancy Acne

Get Rid of Pregnancy Acne

Pregnancy changes your body, for better or for worse. Your skin is no exception.

Now that you’re pregnant, you may notice a sudden flare-up of acne breakouts, even if your skin has been relatively clear for years. Maybe pregnancy is causing you to develop acne for the first time – ever.

It’s frustrating, but you must understand that the changes in the skin are very common during pregnancy. Whether or not you decide to treat acne during your pregnancy depends on your skin, your situation, and your obstetrician’s advice. It definitely can be done – it just needs to be done with a bit of care.

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If you’re wondering how to get rid of pregnancy acne naturally, we’re here to help! Luckily, you probably have a lot of these home remedies in your pantry or kitchen already.

10 Simple Ways To Get Rid of Pregnancy Acne:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy for pregnancy acne. Or any acne, really! Soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply it to your skin. Use raw, unfiltered vinegar. It will absorb some of the extra oil that causes breakouts. It also acts as a natural toner for your skin, rich in naturally occurring enzymes.

2. Honey


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When it comes to items you normally find in your kitchen, honey is another great natural acne remedy! Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic. Wash and rinse your face with warm water, and apply the honey directly to your problem areas. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water.

3. Homemade Face Mask

Homemade Face Mask

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For a homemade face mask, use oatmeal and cucumber! Blend together dry oats, cucumber, honey, and, then apply to skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse off with warm water.

4. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

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Baking soda had drying properties, which can zap a zit in no time. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of water to make a paste, and then apply it directly to blemishes. Allow it to dry completely before rinsing.

5. Lemon


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You can also use citrus to help exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores. Squeeze the juice from a lemon or lime directly onto a cotton ball, and apply it to your face or blemishes like an astringent. Allow to dry for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

6. Turmeric


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Curcumin in turmeric has antioxidant and skin-lightening properties that reduces skin’s melanin and combats Melasma. Paste of turmeric and whole milk with a little gram flour serves as an excellent exfoliator. Turmeric, along with coconut milk, rose water and lemon juice is also an effective face pack.

7. Onion Juice

onion juice

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The Sulphur-containing compounds in onion juice can fade skin discolouration, restoring natural skin tone and providing nourishment to the skin cells. Mixture of onion juice and apple cider vinegar is highly beneficial.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

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Almost all health articles emphasize Aloe Vera as the most effective ingredient to alleviate all skin troubles. Extract fresh gel from the plant, rub on the hyper pigmented skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing off with warm water to remove dead skin cells.

9. Almonds


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High protein and Vitamin E content in almonds are highly beneficial for the skin. Almonds pack with milk and honey nourishes the skin and removes discoloration.

10. Sandalwood


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In the powder as well as essential oil’s form, sandalwood is another amazing skin lightening ingredient that enhances skin complexion and reduces signs of Melasma as well as other types of blemishes, without causing irritation.

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Acne is annoying, and it’s unsightly, but it’s not dangerous and, if you have developed it for the first time ever during pregnancy (or if you have been free of it for many years and pregnancy has caused it to return), then it’s likely that once you have had your baby, your skin will settle down and return to normal. Unfortunately, acne is not really preventable, but the above home remedies are one of the ways to be kind to your skin to make sure the symptoms are minimized. If your acne is particularly bad, there might be some ways we can help, but as with all ailments during pregnancy, it should only be treated under medical supervision.

How Skin City Helps In Treating Pregnancy Acne?

Finding pregnancy-safe medication can feel like a bit of a minefield, which is frustrating if you have a condition like acne that you wish to treat effectively. With a combination of medical treatment such as chemical peels and self-care, most cases of acne can be reduced, if not alleviated completely. There are some peels that are considered safe during pregnancies because they are not harsh or strong. These are hydroxyl acid peels, which includes lactic acid peel, fruit peels and glycolic peels. They will stay on your skin only for five minutes and hence do not cause any harm to your baby.

Secondly, lasers have been used to safely treat medical conditions in women who are pregnant. As such, lasers are considered relatively safe for women who are pregnant. If you are considering using a laser or light treatment for your acne while pregnant, please make an appointment to see our dermatologist first. There are many different types of lasers and light treatments which we can discuss during your consultation.

If you want to treat acne during your pregnancy, it helps to get expert advice from your obstetrician or a dermatologist before using any acne treatment.

Dermatology at the Skin City Clinic provides some of the most advanced and effective options for acne treatment in India. After you’ve been fully diagnosed at your consultation, one of the various treatment options will be recommended by a dermatologist to achieve the best results for you. We also offer unique treatments such as Facial Peels and Skin Rejuvenation treatments which can help treat Acne, as well as treatments for acne scarring.

Whatever your personal requirements, you can rest assured that we will provide the leading techniques and facilities for your treatment at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, clinics in India.