Vitiligo: Everything You Need to Know About Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and More!


Vitilgo is a harmless skin condition; however, the white patches on the body can knock your confidence off. Having said that, it is important to understand the white ghost, aka Vitiligo is and how do we diagnosis it, check the symptoms and possible treatment solutions. At Skin City, we get hundreds of vitiligo-struck patients who’re restless to get if off from their skin, and we take all the possible measure to treat Vitiligo with our latest laser treatments.

Let’s First Understand, “What Is Vitiligo?”

Vitiligo is a deep-rooted skin condition where whitish patches develop on the skin. It can affect any area of skin, but it normally occurs on the face, neck and hands, and in skin creases. It is generally caused due to the loss of melanin, a pigment that gives colors to the skin. It usually starts off by turning the patch of the skin pale and gradually turning it into completely white. They come in three types;

  • Non-segmental Vitiligo
  • Segmental Vitiligo
  • Universal Vitiligo, a rare case where it affects the full body.

What Are The Symptoms Of Vitiligo?

When it’s Vitiligo, it is tricky to predict whether it will spread from the original patch or how fast it is likely to increase. Hence, these symptoms are necessary to gage and monitor your health in order to stay ahead of this progressive skin condition.

The most common way to understand is;

  • It begins showing up on your scalp. Due to the lack of melanin, the skin turns the hair in the affected area, grey or white.
  • The edge of the patch may be smooth or rough, sometimes inflamed, or have a reddish/brownish discoloration.
  • It does not cause any discomfort on skin, but can cause itchiness.
  • The areas which get most commonly affected are the skin around the mouth and eyes, fingers and wrists, armpits, groin, genitals and inside the mouth.

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Causes of Vitiligo

It is quite unfair that a person develops this condition as it’s something that’s beyond one’s control. The major cause of Vitiligo is not having enough melanocytes, hence not adequate melanin. The causes of non-segmental and segmental vitiligo may vary. The possible triggers are:

1. Autoimmune Conditions

Non-segmental vitiligo is an autoimmune condition. In these conditions, the immune system doesn’t work efficiently and instead destroys your body’s health cells and tissues.

2. Neurochemicals

Segmental vitiligo, is allegedly caused by chemicals released from the nerve endings which are poisonous to the melanocyte skin cells.

3. Genes

Having a certain genetic profile makes people more susceptible to developing vitiligo.

4. Environmental Factors

Potential triggers include exposure to certain chemicals, sunburn and mechanical trauma.

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Vitiligo Diagnosis & Treatments

Vitiligo can be easily identified as the white patches starts to show up. Skin City dermatologists understand how Vitiligo can affect social and professional connections. Our specialists have the experience to identify vitiligo and decide whether an underlying condition should be addressed. Our dermatologists often diagnose vitiligo based on a concise physical examination. If our doctors need more information, they may suggest a skin biopsy or blood test.

Skin City is the largest medical set up in India treating Vitiligo with lasers. The first Eximer lasers, XTRAC & VTRAC were launched by Skin City a decade ago. Several surgical procedures of Miniature punch grafting or MPG, suction blister grafting, MCS or melanocyte cell suspension are effectively carried out at Skin City with positive results.

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Cost Of Vitiligo Treatment In India

Depending on the intensity of vitiligo and the suggested treatment plan designed by Skin City’s super specialists, the price range may begin from 20k onwards.

Is Vitiligo Hereditary?

It is possible that certain genes may raise the risk of vitiligo but genetics are not a proven cause to date. Studies show that dissimilarity in several gene combinations that affect the immune system may increase the risk of vitiligo. For example, 20% of people with vitiligo also have a thyroid disorder.

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What Are The Best Cure For Vitiligo

Many times patients are under the impression, “There’s no cure for vitiligo”. Well that’s true, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good treatments! Also, we talk a lot on here about our excitement for new treatments for vitiligo, and sometimes that sounds like “current treatments don’t work”. Well, that’s NOT true. We have good treatments, but we’re trying to make better ones.

Why Feel Gloomy About Those White Patches?

If you’ve got vitiligo, you may have been discouraged that not many treatments will be worthy of its treatment, but we beg to differ. Skin City ensures that you’re you’re kept in the dark no longer. Doom and gloom can be a thing of the past with Excimer Light laser ensuring that the results are visible and your skin is effectively patched with your skin shade.

Why hide anymore? Request a Free consultation today at Skin City!