What Are The Main Causes Of Vitiligo?

Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects the skin without any major hint. Patients suffering from vitiligo experience a good loss of pigmentation in the skin when melanin; the color producing cells experience dysfunction or get destroyed. And when vitiligo starts to appear in the affected areas, one can immediately see the loss of color and pale patches. These patches come unannounced and can pop up anywhere throughout the body, mainly in the areas exposed to the sun. Arms, face, legs, and neck are the most susceptible to get them.

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While the disease has confused researches for well long as to what could cause vitiligo, but it’s yet to be identified. However, there are a wide range of external and internal factors which could trigger the development of the condition.

So, What Causes Vitiligo to Spread?

Here are some of the identified factors which have been linked to the progression of vitiligo:

1. Autoimmune Disease

Researchers have linked vitiligo to an immune system retort that is observed frequently in autoimmune diseases. Because of their compromised condition, patients with autoimmune diseases like hyperthyroidism are prone to have a higher risk of having vitiligo.

2. Genetics

Studies suggest that vitiligo occurs in multiple cases in families, with members having an isolated form of vitiligo. It thus suggests that vitiligo has a genetic or hereditary attribute that may be passed on through bloodline.

3. Oxidative Stress

It is been studied that oxidative stress may be a trigger that interacts with melanocytes and produces a pathway that eventually leads to the destruction of the melanocytes.

4. Skin Trauma

Vitiligo can also be triggered by cuts, burns, abrasions or other forms of skin trauma, which could destroy the melanocytes in certain areas of the body.

5. Stress

Emotional distress, hypertension and other factors of stress may lead to the development of Vitiligo. People who have faced physical and emotional stress are prone to having vitiligo patches. Stress is also thought to be one of the leading triggers for the progression of this disease.

Vitiligo Treatment At Skin City

Currently the treatment for vitiligo focuses on some of the powerful laser treatments such as Phototherapy and lasers, including Excimer lasers, XTRAC & VTRAC. Skin City’s Cyanoacrylate Lamination technique for skin grafting in Vitiligo is another excellent treatment delivering revolutionary results.

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