What Are The Causes or Reasons For Under Eye Dark Circles?

Reasons for Dark Circles

Though its most commonly assumed that fatigue is solely responsible for the appearance of under eye bags and dark circles, there are actually a handful of different reasons that can cause them.

If you’re suffering from panda eyes, aka-dark circles, you may want to figure out the reasons or the causes that lead to them.

Dark circles (scientifically known as Periorbital hyperpigmentation or POH) are a cosmetic concern (though not a medical one) for lot of people as they are the biggest giveaway of tiredness. A variety of health and lifestyle (as well as genetic) factors can make them appear more prominent, so a holistic approach is required to eradicate them.

We asked Dr. Niteen Dhepe, super skin specialist to shed some light on the issue. Over to the expert…

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What Are The Causes Of Under Eye Dark Circles?

Identify what the culprits could be for your dark secrets. It’s not just a hangover!

1. Stress:

When you’re stressed more blood is directed to your main organs leaving your face looking drained and pasty.” This makes dark circles appear more noticeable. Stress can also cause the fragile capillaries around the eyes to break or leak blood.

2. Fatigue:

A lack of sleep causes paleness of the skin allowing darkness under the eye to be more prominent and visible.

3. Rubbing Of Eyes:

The thinnest area of skin on your face is around your eyes. This is also the most sensitive part of your face and the capillaries under this skin are more prone to breakage and leakage – hello purple hue, again. Message: don’t rub or pull your eyes!

4. Sun damage:

Sun damage to this fragile skin can, as above, leave capillaries vulnerable” and you know what that means – “breakage and leakage. Wear light-weight sunglasses in harsh sun and shield your eyes from unnecessary UV exposure.

5. Allergies:

Eczema and certain allergies which cause itching can cause dark circles due to repetitive rubbing of the sensitive area surrounding the eyes on account of excess friction.

6. Liver Disease:

Liver dysfunction diseases such as hepatitis may also result in dark circles. Hence, it is advisable to get the same tested if relevant vaccination has not already been taken for it.

7. Iron Deficiencies:

Dark circles can be a sign of an iron deficiency such as anemia. Ensure you maintain proper iron levels by eating red meat, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds – and if you’re concerned visit us for a checkup.

What Environmental Factors Can Cause Dark Circles?

Lifestyle and environmental factors can also aggravate dark circles or contribute to the development of them. These include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure
  • Smoking


How Skin City Treats Dark Circles?

Because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin, it is more fragile and sensitive than the rest of the face. This is why it’s recommended to use medically-formulated treatment for the eye area. We treat under eye dark circles with

1. Chemical Peeling:

It is a non-invasive treatment for dark circles. Chemical peels help in rejuvenating the skin around the eyes by exfoliating the damaged upper layer of the skin to reveal a new and healthier skin layer.

2. Intense Pulsed Light Treatment:

IPL treatment reduces dark circles by destroying the pigment cells that cause discoloration. The light waves constrict blood vessels, which results in less prominent discoloration.

3. Laser Treatment:

Laser treatment is another effective way to remove dark circles. Here, the collagen is stimulated. Post the treatment, the skin under the eye becomes smooth and less discolored.

4. Surgery:

Eye surgery for dark circles is known as blepharoplasty that is performed by plastic surgeons. The under eye fat deposits are removed, resulting in less puffiness, less discoloration, and more lively eyes.

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading clinic’s in the treatment of dark circles of the under eye in India. Dark circles, along with puffy eyelids, remain challenging to treat due to their resilient genetic influence and multifactorial nature. However, we restore what your skin deserves.

So, bye-bye dark, dull shadows and hello radiant, sparkling eyes!