10 Tips for Quick Liposuction Recovery

How to Speed Up Liposuction Recovery

Excess fat deposits on your body can be a struggle to get rid of and can begin to sag in uncomfortable ways. Many people exercise and consume a healthier diet to battle fat bulges, but unfortunately, this typically is not enough to completely abolish excess fat. If you have tried fad diets and exercise and can’t seem to shed those final kilos, liposuction can be considered to assist in achieving your desired body contour. Many areas of the body can be targeted, and commonly include the thighs, abdominal region, or hips. Your body type and desired results will determine which method is recommended for your procedure, and being aware of the recovery process can help you take the right steps toward your dream contour and help maintain your results.

How To Recover From Liposuction Quickly

If you’ve gone through the treatment and are loving your new shape, you are given a brief understanding of its aftercare. However, immediately after your liposuction procedure, you may encounter minor discomfort, bruising, swelling, and mild redness that can continue for the first few days. It is recommended to avoid physical activities and pressure on your chest.

Here are some of the tested and quick 10 tips for how to speed up liposuction recovery.

1. Compress

A compression garment should be worn at all times except during showering. Compression garments reduce swelling and speed up your recovery. Our surgeon will let you know when you can stop wearing the garment.

2. Faster Recovery

Water! Lots of water and drink alkaline water for the most hydration. Rest and listen to your body! Don’t overdo it, your mind might be all gung-ho but if you feel the least bit winded or tired stop!

3. Exercise

You will not be able to return (or start) an exercise routine for about 2 months. You may also find low impact movements in a pool to be very helpful, just know that you will need to wait till any incisions you might have are closed sufficiently.

4. Diet

Try to avoid dairy as it creates more mucus for your lymphatic system to process. Eat light and avoid alcohol, hydration again is very important in aiding in draining your lymphatic system and especially after a massage.

5. Lymphatic Massage

Massage and stretching will help to rid yourself of the access fluids and break up scar tissue while assisting in circulation thus helping in the healing process. Massage can be done manually as well as with ultra sound.

6. Rest

You will require an extra amount of rest during the first several days of your recovery. Not only is your body working overtime to heal itself, but many pain medications have sleep-inducing side effects. Be sure to plan two to three purely rest days following your surgery.

7. Know What to Wear

Avoid clothes that fit too tightly. It can irritate your skin and decrease the speed of recovery process. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and let your skin breath.

8. Don’t Drive

Unless you received a very small amount of liposuction (and were not sedated), you will not be able to drive after the procedure. Even if you feel well, the local anesthesia can cause drowsiness, which makes driving unsafe. Ask someone you trust to be available to drive you home afterward.

9. Listen To Your Doctor

First and foremost, listen to your doctor’s instructions. Your recovery will depend greatly on the type of liposuction used, the area of the body treated, and the size of the treated area, so your doctor will be able to give you the most specific and pertinent advice.

10. Long Term Results

Some people heal more quickly than others, so it is difficult to generalize when your best results from liposuction will appear. Initial swelling goes down over the first few weeks. A smaller amount of swelling can last for a few months. The skin may also gradually tighten somewhat over several months which is why the final result takes several months to become complete.

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Do You Have More Questions?

No matter how long it takes to fully recover, the long-term results of a slimmer, more proportionate body from the procedure are generally the same for all patients. If you are considering undergoing liposuction, click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dhepe and his team. Call 09890225577 today.