5 Liposuction Surgery Myth & Facts

5 Liposuction Surgery Myth & Facts

Liposuction Surgery Myth Facts

Despite its reputation and 4-decade history, there are many myths surrounding liposuction. Liposuction is a safe and low-impact procedure for removing stubborn fat deposits from almost any area of the body. It is a boon to those whose body doesn’t respond to diet and exercise – but there are some things you should know before considering liposuction.

If you’ve been looking into this procedure yourself, you’ve probably come across a lot of conflicting information about it. Today, we will look at the myths and facts to keep you informed and educated before you go ahead with this procedure.

Top 5 Myths & Facts About Liposuction

 There exists a deluge of myths surrounding the cosmetic surgical procedure and many people remain ignorant to many of the truths of liposuction for weight loss. Read on to learn the real liposuction myths and facts to learn the truths of the benefits of liposuction for weight loss.


Myth 1 – Liposuction is the same procedure as a tummy tuck

It is commonly misconstrued that liposuction and tummy tucks are the same procedure and thus offer the same or similar results. However, this is not and could not be further from the truth. In fact, both procedures potentially target different areas of the body and provide patients with contrasting outcomes.


Myth 2 – Liposuction is a permanent weight-loss substitute for healthy diet and exercise

While liposuction does remove fat, it is not a cure-all for obesity. Patients must continue to eat healthily and exercise after liposuction to maintain weight loss. Liposuction is intended for patients who are at or near a healthy weight but have isolated areas of stubborn fat that does not seem to disappear despite changes in diet and exercise.


Myth 3 – Only women get liposuction

It has become an over generalized stereotype that cosmetic surgical procedures are only reserved for women. However, it has become increasingly common for men to undergo the knife. However, men are now more than ever realizing the benefits from the body sculpting effects of liposuction for reduction of fat deposits.


Myth 4 – Liposuction sucks the fat out from the stomach

While it does remove some fat, liposuction rarely results in a weight loss of five pounds or more. Instead, it should be viewed as a way to achieve smoother contours along specific areas of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen. Ideal candidates are in overall good health, and no more than 30 pounds overweight and their excess fat is concentrated in a small number of body areas.


Myth 5 – Your fat will come back elsewhere after the surgical procedure

 Exercise and dieting may not always be enough to lose the amount of fat and fatty deposits that you desire. Oftentimes, men and women cannot eliminate fat from target areas in the abdomen, thighs, chest and hips. Liposuction offers a swift and effective method for eliminating that excess fat unlike any other method available. It is true that liposuction is not necessarily a permanent means for weight loss if the proper maintenance of diet and exercise is not adhered to.


Liposuction remains one of the most common and effective cosmetic procedures for patients desiring to achieve a more contoured body. Regardless of the many myths that surround the procedure, liposuction is great operations for assisting patients achieve a slim and contoured body.  It is always important to maintain healthy liposuction goals and to already be within 20-30% of your desired body weight.

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Have More Questions About Liposuction?

Having false hopes or believing liposuction will be a permanent weight loss solution will inevitably leave you disappointed. Understanding your goals and how liposuction can help you reach them is important before undergoing the procedure.

If you are frustrated by stubborn lumps and bulges of fat, consider discussing liposuction with our experienced plastic surgeons. They can talk you through the procedure and help you decide if it’s right for you. Book your online appointment here.