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Our Team

The biggest strength of a successful enterprise is its resourceful team. Our team consists of experienced and qualified medical professionals with varied areas of expertise. They make sure you get the most appropriate and medically advanced treatment for all your skin, hair or body concerns.

  • Dr. Niteen Dhepe

    (MD Dermatologist)

    Medical Director, Skin City

  • Dr. Ashok Naik Sir

    (Professor & Head of Department)

  • Dr.Madhur Basude

    (Consultant Dermatologist)

  • Dr Deval Doshi

    (Consultant Dermatologist)

  • Dr. Vallari Soman

    (Consultant Dermatologist)

  • Dr. Nadhia Gorka

    (Consultant Dermatologist)

  • Dr. Asmita Jha

    (Consultant Dermatologist)

  • Dr. Ramesh Naik

    (Cosmetic Laser Physician)

  • Dr. Shilpa Shah

    (Cosmetic Laser Physician)

    (Clinical In-charge)

  • Dr. Shubhangi Sundalam

    (Cosmetic Laser Physician)

  • Dr. Vijaya Ballal


  • Dr Ishan Dhruva

    (Periodontist & Implantologist)