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10 Side Effects of Hair Transplant You Must Know

Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair transplant surgery has made significant strides over the past 25 years that has resulted in highly satisfied patients. While the results are proven, many still worry about its concerning side effects.

There are many articles surfacing on the web about the good side of hair transplants and celebrities who regained their shining glory. But just like any other surgical procedure Hair transplant procedure too has some possible side effects that you should be aware of. In this blog, you will learn about all the possible side effects of hair transplant and also who should not undergo this procedure.


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So, What Are The Side-Effects Of Hair Transplant?

Side-effects of hair transplant could be different for different patients. The fortunate ones can have a trouble-free process but some can experience anything between mild to strong side effects listed below.

Here are the a few side effects from a hair transplant.

1. Bleeding

Being a surgical procedure there is a possibility of some amount of bleeding during and post-surgery. Although the doctor makes sure that there is minimum bleeding during the procedure, sometimes there could be some bleeding in the donor area which should stop once the pressure is applied on the part. But in case the bleeding is high, you should immediately consult the doctor.


2. Infection

Infection is something that is very rare if you are undergoing the procedure in a well-known clinic under an experienced doctor. But there is still a possibility. In such a case, a simple prescription of antibiotic from the doctor can solve the issue.


3. Thinning Of Hair

This might sound exactly the opposite result of why you underwent the hair transplant procedure in the first place, but this is just a post-surgery condition and there are no measures to be taken. In a matter of months, you would notice the original thickness of your hair.


4. Pain

Some patients experience pain especially if they have done hair transplants through FUT. For the same reason, doctors generally prescribe painkillers to ease the pain that should ideally subside after 2-3 days. In case the pain is prolonged, you should visit the doctor.


5. Scars

The donor area has a very thin line of scar when the patient has undergone hair transplant through FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) but that should fade over time. Still, the visibility of the scar is entirely dependent on the patients scalp and the healing process. Most of the visible scars can be covered with short hair growth.


7. Scalp Swelling & Eye Bruises

In some rare cases, the patient scalp (recipient area) can swell due to the formation of fluid. This might also cause some pain and inconvenience. Ideally, the swelling should subside in a couple of days but if it persists the patient should consult the doctor. How can a scalp procedure have any connection to eye bruises? In the case where there is fluid formation on the scalp, sometimes it tends to flow down near the eye which can cause the formation of eye bruises or even black eye. This not a panic situation as this will be healed in a couple of days.


8. Shock Loss

This is again something that could come out as a surprise. Because of the shock of the surgery, the otherwise healthy and untouched hair starts falling and could create an alarm. But this again is a post-surgery condition and the hair will regrow in its natural state again.


9. Folliculitis

A string of pimple-like bubbles might appear on the recipient area which could cause itching. This should go in some days with application of solution to keep the recipient area well moisturized.


Are There Any Possible Long-Term Complications?

As mentioned above, most of the side effects are temporary but there is a possibility of long term complications that every patient should be aware of before undertaking the hair transplant procedure.

Some long term hair transplant complications are as below:

1. Grafts Which Fail To Take

While in most cases the patient gets hair growth in the recipient area in a couple of months, there are cases where there was no growth of any new hair or the growth was only in patches. In such cases, the patient has to undergo the entire procedure again.


2. Hair curl

The hair follicle that was transplanted could curl under resulting in ingrown hair. This could make the hair look unnatural as compared to the remaining hair. It could also cause irritation and subsequent infection in the scalp.


Should I Avoid Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant procedure has become a safe and popular option for people with a receding hairline in both men and women. But are you a good hair transplant candidate? What factors might prevent you from having this type of procedure?


  • A patient who already has very less hair on the scalp resulting in very less hairs that can be harvested
  • People who have a condition in which the scars turn out to be thick and raise up from the operated area which is also called as keloidal tendency
  • People who are suffering from cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy which results in rapid hair loss


In Summary

So all in all, Hair transplant is a relatively safe procedure with most of the side effects being temporary which would recede over a period of time. Although there is some possibility of long term complications, however the percentage of its occurrence is less.

If you are intrigued and want to know more about Hair Transplant, call us now to fix an appointment with our hair experts who will assist in clearing your doubts and give you a personalized plan for the hair transplant procedure.

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