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Top 10 Advantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

10 Advantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

Why should you go for a Hair Transplant Surgery when there are lots of other inexpensive options?

Well, we all know how baldness makes a person insecure about himself/herself, especially in today’s’ time when your life is on social media. This created an opportunity for doctors offering solutions for baldness.

Today we have a lot of options when it comes to treating baldness. But there is catch, a lot of options today only give you a temporary fix, hence you need to keep taking treatment sessions to keep your hair maintained. But Hair Transplant surgery is one of the only few options that can actually give you long-lasting natural hair solutions.

In this blog, we would understand a host of benefits that a patient gets like natural hair, less maintenance etc. if he undergoes Hair Transplant Surgery to treat the baldness.


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Here Are 10 Benefits Of  Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is a common problem that affects both women and men. It can be caused by a variety of factors, while some of them are temporary, some of the factors cannot be reversed and may result in permanent hair loss. Here are not one but 10 advantages of having a hair transplant surgery.


1. Improved Appearance

The hair transplant gives you back the glorious days of flaunting your head full of hair. This definitely improves the appearance of any individual and thereby boosts his/her confidence


2. A Permanent Solution

Unlike other solutions that only work temporarily, the hair transplant surgery gives you a permanent solution hence it gives you peace of mind


3. No Bald Spots More Confidence

The baldness that plagued you for so long and might have prevented you from socializing much will all be gone. You can now feel free to socialize with a new you after the hair transplant surgery


4. Negligible Maintenance

Unlike procedures that need maintenance from time to time and cost a lot of money and time, hair transplant surgery relatively needs very little maintenance. Once the hair follicles start growing, there is only basic maintenance that needs to be done.


5. Cost-Efficient

Now you must be wondering how hair transplant surgery is cost-efficient. Consider other solutions that cost less but when you add the multiple visits and maintenance, it becomes a costly affair as the solution is not permanent and you need to keep visiting the clinic. Hair transplant surgery in comparison is just a one-time expense.


6. High Success Rate

There are a lot of other alternatives that you can go for instead of Hair transplant surgery but none have the success rate that is as high as this surgery. This is one of the reasons patients tend to go for this procedure.


7. Low Possibility Of Complication

A surgery tends to have the possibility of complications that could occur due to human error and exposure of inner body parts. But Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure as it only works on the scalp. Hence this procedure has a very low possibility of any post-surgery complications.


8. Low Probability Of Side Effects

Again as there is no invasion and general anesthesia used in the procedure there is very little chance of any side effects that generally happen in a surgical procedure.


9. Natural Hair

Unlike other solutions like wigs and weaving where the hair used is unnatural or sourced from a third party, this procedure gives you the hair that is natural and sourced from you. Hence they don’t look fake or mismatched with your own hair.


10. No Long Term Medications

After the hair transplant procedure, the only medication suggested is antibiotics and painkillers for a few days in case of any post-procedure pain arising that makes the patient uncomfortable


To Summarise

Hair transplant surgery is one of the very few options that can give the patient his natural hair back with minimal risk of complications and side effects.  SkinCity takes pride in our hairline designing and our anesthesia protocols. The technology used along with the skills and expertise enable us to give excellent results with greater client satisfaction.

Are you ready to transform your image? Call us to regain your natural growing hair and confidence in yourself

Call us now to fix up an appointment with our expert hair physicians who, after the scalp analysis, can suggest the best possible hair transplant procedure along with the cost and time period involved.

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