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Dr Niteen Dhepe is a Board Certified Dermatologist and has developed himself as a pioneer in field of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers in India. He is the biggest entrepreneur in contemporary dermatology world of India.

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13 Winter Beauty Tips for Women’s Lips

Winter can be grueling for a variety of reasons. It’s cold. It’s dark. But there’s one little thing that happens in winter that everyone hates: chapped, dry, flaky lips. The itching, the burning, the peeling — is there anything worse than chapped lips? Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your lips happy and healthy, even during the coldest parts of the year. After all, when the weather changes, yo ...

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13 Winter Beauty Tips for Women’s Hair

We want our locks to look amazing all-year round, but the cold of winter can take its toll on us. Tight skin, chapped lips and dry, frizzy hair? All causing mayhem! Say hello to winter, because it’s about to wreak havoc from head-to-toe. We’ve all been there and, like you, wondered whether gorgeous winter hair is even a possibility (spoiler alert: there is!). Also Read: 21 Easy Beauty Tips Every Girl Must K ...

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13 Winter Beauty Tips for Women’s Skin

When the cold weather sets in, it can become difficult to keep our skin as happy and healthy as it is during the rest of the year. Tightness, dryness, flaking, chapping, itchiness - we've all been there and like you, pondered whether having soft skin (not just for a temporary amount of time) and a glow in the winter is even a possibility? Also Read:  25 Beauty Tips for Women On a mission to answer this very ...

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10 Best Winter Beauty Tips for Men’s Lips

Winter can be a brutal time of the year for your lips. The cold air, the chilling wind and dry, heated air inside all conspire to make your lips dry and rough. In addition, when we go out in the cold, the mouth is usually among the last things we cover up, says dermatologist Dr. Niteen Dhepe (MD, Skin City). Lips have a special type of skin that is thin and delicate – and so requires a little extra pamperin ...

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14 Best Winter Beauty Tips for Men’s Hair

Men - what are your skincare concerns during the winter? Maybe they include: Avoiding dry, flaky skin on your face. Preventing dry, cracked hands. Keeping your lips hydrated and smooth. Excellent routine. The cold, dry air is bad news for your skin. It leads to dehydration, flakiness, and other unpleasantness. Also Read: 14 Amazing Winter Beauty Tips for Men’s Skin But what about your hair? Where’s that for ...

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14 Amazing Winter Beauty Tips for Men’s Skin

As the temperamental winter weather sets in, your skin is one of the first things to suffer. From the blustery winds whipping your face to the drying central heating inside, your face can be left in dire need of some TLC. But the sunny side is that you can make sure that your skin is equipped to fight back against the elements. Don’t know where to begin? There’s way more to men’s winter skin care than liber ...

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Beauty Tips for Women: 25 Easy Beauty Tips Every Woman Must Know

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.” -Zoe Kravitz Two things we’d like to highlight from the quote by Zoe Kravitz are “appreciate yourself” and “love yourself”. Do we actually follow it? Ahem…ladies? Right!!! So… What every woman must know is that without a proper beauty regimen, you’re headed downhill from here on. You’ve heard the importa ...

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Beauty Tips for Men: 20 Easy Beauty Tips Every Man Must Know

Typically, when men think about beauty and skin care, and then happen to search for beauty tips for men, they’ll normally see adverts of cleansers, creams and serums to delay aging in the hopes of being #ForeverHandsome. That’s far from true. If you're getting up in the morning, washing your face with bar soap and water and running out the door, then it's time to step up your skincare game. We aren't sugges ...

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Beauty Tips for Girls: 21 Easy Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know

A teen girl’s life is exciting; there is so much to look forward to. It is all about rediscovering yourself. Teenage girls are very conscious about their looks, and chances are that your idea of beauty starts with pop songs and ends with film stars. You find yourself experimenting with everything related to makeup, beauty, skin care and probably browse through various “beauty tips for girls”. There is a con ...

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My Beauty Tips: Everyone Must Know “Beauty Tips”

It’s 2019 and each one of us wants it to be a huge sartorial success. It is well said that "your skin reflects your overall health”, so the best thing to remember is to eat a healthy diet and avoid junk food, do not smoke, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water. Well, that’s a start. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about preventing future damage to your outer layer. When people ask me about m ...

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