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Dr Niteen Dhepe is a Board Certified Dermatologist and has developed himself as a pioneer in field of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers in India. He is the biggest entrepreneur in contemporary dermatology world of India. He is the youngest dermatologist to head a PG institute. Education and Training: 1. M.B.B.S from B.J Medical College, University of Poona, Maharashtra, in October 1995. 2. MD Dermatology completed from B.J. Medical college, Poona, Maharashtra in December 2000. 3. Short training in lasers in Israel in Class Clinic, Sheba Medical Center, Tail Hashair under Prof. Arie Orienstein.

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How Can You Remove Your Dark Circles Naturally?

Whether you are in your 20s or 40s, the last things you want are bags under your eyes.             Who needs that extra baggage right? From potato juice through to addressing lack of sleep, it seems the world is overflowing with tips to remove dark circles under eyes permanently. While natural therapies available in abundance, it’s worth considering adapting your lifestyle and turning to medical techniques ...

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Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks: Everything You Need to Know About

Let’s be honest. Babies don’t arrive fresh from the womb looking, especially after natural birth. They have vernix; they may be puffy if you had an epidural; they have bruises and rashes and hair in all the wrong places. And what about birthmarks? Does your baby have a port wine birthmark? Is it a cause for concern? Let’s know all about it, putting an end to your queries. What is a Port-Wine Stain Birthmark ...

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Cryogenic Lipolysis Vs Laser Lipolysis: A Complete Breakdown

It is common to think of weight loss in terms of calories, but the physiological ramifications of weight loss are far more baroque and unknown. A number of chemical reactions that occur have an almost opaque level of complexity. People often get frustrated with weight loss because they expect a direct conversion from activities to weight. However, the body will only lose fat when certain obligations are fir ...

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Strawberry Nevus Birthmark: Everything You Need to Know About

“I didn’t notice that little birthmark before… “It’s huge! Will it really go away?” Parents’ reactions to these colourful birthmarks vary almost as much as the hemangiomas aka strawberry nevus themselves.   What Exactly is a Strawberry Nevus Birthmark? Strawberry nevus birthmarks are the tufts of extra blood vessels that commonly occur in children. Usually, they occur on the surface of the skin (strawb ...

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The Double Chin Jeopardy

A double chin which is also known as Submental fat, is a very common condition in which a layer of fat get deposited under the chin. It is normally related to weight gain however some people who are not overweight develop it as well. Genetics and loss of skin tone due to aging also cause double chin. There are several ways of reducing Submental fat. One that is enjoying growing popularity is the lysis or de ...

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The Philosophy of Beauty

Whatever is said about the perception of beauty, as much as it is in the eyes of the beholder, it is also in the mind of the beheld. The physical appearance which is pleasing to the eye, gives the first and most superficial impression of beauty. It includes well defined, sharp features. For example, large eyes, full lips, a sharp nose, oval face and pointed chin. This is supported by lustrous hair, a propor ...

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is the world's fastest-growing solution for male and female hair loss. Have you ever considered a wig or hair transplant, maybe a hairpiece to glue on your head, or maybe you have tried a different hair system? With Scalp Micropigmentation you can forget all of those. And enjoy a lifetime without worrying about your hair. When you receive a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment for ...

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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Hair Transplant Explained Losing your hair is a natural part of life. It can happen for a variety of different reasons and in some cases, it can be permanent - leaving you with bald patches. If you are experiencing permanent hair loss – do not panic, it can be treated. Hair transplantation surgery has dramatically evolved over the subsequent the last few decades. Throughout the evolution of hair transplant ...

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कशाने का मरेना, जरा सन्मानाने मरू दयाल श्रीदेवीला?

श्रीदेवी ही माइया काॅलेजच्या जीवनातील मनावर कायमचा ठसा ठेवून गेलेली अभिनेत्री. तिच्या अकाली मृत्यूने तिचे कुटूंबिय व चाहते दुःखातून अजून सावरत नाहीत, तोपर्यंतच समाजमाध्यमांतवर तिचा मृत्यू का झाला याबद्दलच्या विकृत तर्काचे मोहोळ उठले. त्यामध्ये या गुणी अभिनेत्रीच्या गुणाचे मूल्यामापन करणारे व आठवणीचे कढ काढणारे लेखन अक्षरश: वाहून गेले. व्हाटसअॅप विद्यापीठातल्या पदवीधरांनी वजन कमी करणे, सौंदर्य उपचार कसे घातक ...

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Whatever Might Have Killed Sridevi – Will We Let Her Die with Dignity?

While family and the entire nation mourn the sudden death of veteran actress Sridevi, social media is flooded with vicious articles on probable causes of her death. The University of Whatsapp which is filled with people who claim to be authorities on everything, was working overtime with forwarded articles on how weight loss and cosmetic treatments are harmful and how you should age gracefully. Today with t ...

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