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Dr Niteen Dhepe is a Board Certified Dermatologist and has developed himself as a pioneer in field of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers in India. He is the biggest entrepreneur in contemporary dermatology world of India.

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Here’s How to Stay Safe From Coronavirus

2020 started most unexpectedly as one of the diseases from coronavirus family started spreading out of china to almost 60 countries with 1,95000 people getting the disease with the count increasing everyday and around 8000 people deceased till now. The disease is name as COVID-19 which is a short form of Co- Corona VI- Virus D- Disease 19- 2019. The COVID-19 comes from the same coronavirus family which earl ...

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Everything You Need To Know

What is Coronavirus? The entire world has come to a standstill like never before. All of this was caused by a virus that has rapidly across the world. The virus is called as coronavirus. Coronaviruses are the name of a virus family under which there are multiple individual viruses. These mainly cause illness in animals or human beings. When a human being gets this virus it majorly attacks the respiratory fu ...

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Summer Skin Care Routine: A Dermatologist-Approved Guide For You!

Summer is a time when we like to go out and enjoy the sunny days and have fun with friends and family. But this holiday can become a problem if you do not take care of your skin because summer is the time when skin tends to get acne and pimple. In this blog, we will understand the impact summer has on your skin and tips on how to keep your skin healthy in this season. We will also cover different skin care ...

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The Ultimate Summer Skin Care Guide for Women

When the mercury rises, you joyfully get your best summer outfits out and swap your winter essentials to summer routine. While you do so, have you also taken a moment out to look for your summer skin care routine? In the season of less is more, you need to overcome the ‘Sahara’ desert look by ensuring you’re keeping it hydrated and fresh looking.  Thus, here we bring you our Ultimate Skin Care Guide for Wom ...

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What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks?

Those pink, purple or white waves under your skin that occur naturally as men and women both past puberty is called 'Stretch Mark' and medically known as Striae Distensae. If you’ve noticed them on your body, you’re not alone. Stretch marks may appear due to the hormonal changes and growth associated with puberty, during pregnancy, or with medical diseases, such as Cushing syndrome. Though fairly know that ...

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A Men’s Skin Care Routine For the Summer – A Complete Guide

The Only Grooming Guide: Summer Skin Survival for Men Summer is almost here and we all know that it can wreak havoc on your skin. As for modern man, its important to know that you too need to take care of the largest organ on your body-your skin – especially on your face. So please take the time to tend to it like you while you follow our men’s skin care routine for summer. With summer approaching in full s ...

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A Summer Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

You see a bright sunny day and are excited to go out and have fun. But then you realize that you have oily skin and going out could make your skin even more oily and further cause pimples and acne. But don’t you worry! we got you covered as in this blog we will understand the cause of oily skin and 10 awesome tips that will keep your skin glowing and fresh all through summer. What Causes Oily Skin In The Su ...

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How To Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant

What Are Scabs After Hair Transplant? Now that you have undergone one of the most important transformations surgery in your life, you might be in the state of relief as well as excited about the result. But then you suddenly start to see scabs on the scalp and began wondering, what on earth are these? Did the surgery not go well and also such a related question. So let me tell you scab formation is a perfec ...

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How to Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant

How To Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant? Now that you have undergone the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant surgery, you would be very excited to see the result. But please remember you need to take extra care post-operation especially during sleeping so that you get the best result. Any lapses in taking care post-surgery could have some serious consequences like broken hair follicles or perman ...

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Moles Vs. Warts: What’s The Difference Between Moles & Warts?

Most of the skin darkening spots tend to look the same but there is a significant difference between them. It is important to understand how to differentiate between these skin spots to go for effective treatment. One such confusing skin spot is moles and warts. In this blog, we will understand what is moles and warts, their difference and also what treatments are available for both of these skin spots. War ...

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