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Skin Whitening Treatment: 3 Simple Steps to a Fair Complexion that You Always Wished for

In most parts of the world fair complexion symbolizes beauty and elegance. Women, in particular, wish to have a celebrity white, glowing skin and are always willing to spend thousands of dollars to get their desired skin tone. Since ancient times women have been trying different home remedies to improve their complexion and skin texture. ...

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Arogya Expo 2014 – Day 3

Dr Niteen Dhepe is a master of his domain, only in a span of few minutes he told us various ways to lose weight. He also busted many myths about fat and cholesterol level in our body. He told us that it is not our weight but the level of fat content in our body which is a matter of worry. A thin person may have a larger fat and cholesterol content than a fat person. His mantra to maintain weight is to eat e ...

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Arogya Expo 2014

Dr Niteen Dhepe talks of how culture has evolved from women wearing ghagra cholis to finally evolving and to a modern woman, who is a bread winner. We look at how beauty is being perceived today and the culture that has changed our definition of beauty for us. He stresses on the fact that a skin can be a combination of oily to dry and it is bound to change with age and climate. The right to treat your skin ...

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Facial Glow worth 3999/- @ 999/ & Skin analysis worth 500/ FREE

Derma Glow Facial worth 3999/- @ 999/- + Skin analysis worth 500/- complimentary. To Avail the offer Drop your name and number and area in the Facebook page inbox of SkinCity India.  (Offer valid till 5th January 2014) Skincity India offers the Latest in Skincare technology IN INDIA. Every customized treatment begins with a detailed Skin analysis and consultation, followed by a specialized treatment  JUST f ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 2

Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 2 Your skin needs daily care not repair. Like your brush our teeth every day, take bath, eat food, wear nice clothes, likewise your skin needs a day to day care. For more details…… Do you know of a once a week course of bath, food, wearing clothes, etc… Right skin care for your you know your skin type, now you must choose right skincare routine as per y ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 1

#NoNonSenseCosmetology  #DrDhepeSays Do you know your Skin?  What if your Skin type? (i)  Oily        (ii) Dry (iii) Mixed         (iv) I don’t know I don’t know my Skin Type? I am confused – #drdhepesays – It is commonly observed that most people cannot identify their skin type. It is biologically possible for your skin to change its behavior when subjected to various factors like age, seasons of the year ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology

Hello Friends, As promised we have come up with Top Winter Skin Care Tips for you directly from our Medical Director, Dr. Niteen Dhepe (Twitter - @drniteendhepe ). Dr. Dhepe believes in tips that speaks no nonsense and science. So we have named the campaign as #DrDhepeSays #NoNonsenseCosmetology These tips are not just advices, we will be talking here for a week, we will communicate, ask questions to each o ...

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Laser Tattoo Removal

The term tattoo describes the deliberate placement of permanent colors into the skin or the accidental entry of pigmented material. The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian (Marquesan) word tattoo, and refers to the accidental or volitional acquisition of pigmented particles of the skin. Types of tattoos 1. Decorative amateur tattoos These include tattoos placed by tribaland gang members. The amateur ...

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