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What Are The Causes Of Stretch Marks?

Causes of Stretch Marks

You had perfect skin and never thought once before wearing anything. until recently, when you suddenly saw a bunch of lines on your back, stomach or near armpits that looked like a nail scratch. After searching the internet you got to know that its called stretch marks.

How on earth did you get these stretch marks? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog.

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What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks appear on the skin when a specific body part has undergone extreme expansion or contraction. Due to this sudden phenomenon, the skin when it comes back to normal state it fails to retain its previous elasticity. Thus the appearance of those non-linear lines that are either reddish in color or white if the stretch mark has appeared a long time back.

Stretch marks can occur on anyone’s body but below mentioned are the cases where there is the highest probability.

Here are the common causes of of stretch marks:

1. Pregnancy

Although one of the most life-changing events in any women’s life, the entire process of pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy can give you great memories to cherish but also those unwanted stretch marks that you want to get rid off. The skin near the belly area grows unusually large during pregnancy which stretches the skin to its limit. Then after delivery, the skin while getting back to its original form leave these stretch marks due to loss of elasticity.


2. Puberty

Kids want to grow as soon as possible so that they are no longer called kids and for some this wish does come true. Some kids started growing very rapidly during puberty age both in height as well as weight. This sudden growth puts pressure on the skin because of which stretch marks appear on the back, belly or shoulder area.


3. Rapid Weight Gain

Sometimes due to medical conditions or unhealthy eating lifestyles, we tend to gain weight rapidly. Due to this sudden increase in size, the skin again expands to contain the additional size causing it to lose some elasticity because of which stretch marks start appearing.


4. Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions too facilitate the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Two such prominent medical conditions are Cushing’s Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome. In Cushing’s Syndrome, the body produces too much hormone which leads to rapid weight gain while skin becoming fragile. In MarfanSyndrome, the skin tissue tends to lose its elasticity

5. Corticosteroid Use

Our body generally generates corticosteroid hormones produced by adrenal glands but a man-made steroid cream is available that is generally used for skin inflammation, dermatitis etc . But excess use of such products containing corticosteroid reduces collagen in the skin which could cause stretch marks.

So most of the causes of stretch marks are natural and could happen to anyone. Although harmless in nature, it definitely reduces the aesthetics of a person which could lead to loss of self-confidence. If you are one of them then no need to worry, Skin city can help you get rid of these stretch marks.


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