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Moles Vs. Freckles: What’s The Difference Between Freckles & Moles?

Difference Between Freckles and Moles

It is common to believe that whatever dark spot you observe on your skin is either all moles or all freckles. But nothing could be far away from the truth. Although these dark spots look similar there is quite a bit of difference between moles and freckles.

In this blog, we will understand what exactly are moles and freckles and how to differentiate between both of them. We would also understand what kind of treatments are available for both of these skin marks



Freckles Vs. Moles: What is the Difference?

In order to understand the difference between moles and freckles, lets first understand what skin marks are termed as moles and what skin marks are termed as freckles.

Moles – What are they?

Moles are the growth of skin cells that happen in a clustered manner in a certain area of skin which generally is uniformly scattered all over the skin. These are the same skin cells that are responsible for pigmentation of the skin.

Moles are a very common skin phenomenon and can be seen on most people. Moles generally appear on the skin of a person during the first 25 years of a person’s life. In general, it is normal to have anywhere between 10-40 moles on a body

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Freckles – What are they?

Freckles are small brown spots seen on the face, neck, chest, and arms. Freckles are very common especially among people with red hair or light and fair skin.

These freckles are generally seen more on people during summertime. Freckles are a very common skin phenomenon and are generally not a health threat.

How Do You Differentiate Moles from Freckles?

Although somewhat similar in terms of looks, moles are freckles are very different. To understand the possible treatment options, it is important to look out for signs to understand the difference between moles and freckles.

Moles –

Moles as discussed above happen due to heavy concentration of skin cells in one specific area which causes the heavy pigmentation and therefore looks darker in the shade of brown or black concerning the associated skin color. Below mentioned are some easy ways to identify the moles.

  • Feel the area of skin and if the dark area is raised from the skin then it is the mole
  • If the area is very dark in shade then it is a mole

Freckles –

Freckles are generally skin cells that form melanin or also called melanocytes which in time have either appeared or have darkened largely because of skin’s exposure to the sun. These melanocytes are pigment which is responsible for the skin color of a person. Below mentioned are some easy ways to identify freckles

  • When you feel the area that has freckles, it should be plain and must not raise anywhere. That’s how we know those are freckles
  • These freckles are not as dark as moles. Hence If the affected area has light brown or orangish in color then they are freckles.


How To Treat Freckles And Moles?

As discussed above freckles are moles although appear on the skin and somewhat look the same are completely different. So the treatment for both freckles and moles are different. But some treatments are common to both freckles and moles. The right treatment for your moles or freckles can only be given after testing and analysis by the dermatologist. Below mentioned are some of the treatments available.

1. Laser Treatment

With laser treatment for freckles, light rays of high intensity are targeted on the affected area and the upper layer of skin wears off giving way to new skin. With laser treatment for moles, the same light rays are used to remove the raised area and make the portion clear.

2. Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is used for the treatment of freckles. In this procedure, a chemical cream is applied to the affected area and is covered uniformly. After the application of the cream, a layer of skin gets peeled. The new skin that comes tends to have lesser freckles.

3. Cryosurgery

The liquid nitrogen layer is used for some treatments of freckles. Due to liquid nitrogen, the upper skin of the affected area is frozen and then it is removed in order to facilitate new skin growth which has less or no freckles. Not all spots respond to this kind of therapy. A dermatologist would be the right person to advise if this is the correct procedure.

4. Surgical Incision

After analysis of the moles if the dermatologist concludes that the mole is cancerous then he performs an incision surgery wherein he removes the moles completely. The skin is then stitched to heal that part.

5. Surgical Shave

In another surgical procedure, the mole is shaved off from the skin with the use of an incision blade. This procedure is less invasive than surgical incision and does not require any stitch.

So to conclude Moles and Freckles are very different from each other and both of them require different types of treatment and solutions. So understanding if the dark spots are moles or freckles is important so that an appropriate solution can be undertaken.

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