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FUE Vs. FUT: Which One Is Better?

Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplants

Which Is The Best Hair Transplant Procedure FUT Or FUE?

Hair Transplant surgery gets confusing when you get to know that there 2 types of procedures FUT and FUE. Now with some limited and biased information, some people go for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) while some go for Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE).

This is perhaps not the right way to decide. A patient should have clear unbiased information about both the procedures and with the a trichologists advice, a patient should decide to undergo any of the relevant procedures.

As you read ahead, we will be covering both, FUT & FUE hair transplant procedures at length and discover the key difference between the techniques and how the donor hair follicles are extracted.


Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplants

In dermatology, the word baldness has been one of the major issues as well as a great opportunity for scientists to come up with a plausible and sustainable solution. So it started with a patch surgery in the early 1940s which slowly evolved and in early 2000 was the year when the Follicular Unit Transplant technique was used which involved harvesting follicles from a strip of skin from back of the head.

The recent evolution of hair transplant procedure is Follicular Unit Extraction which instead of removing an entire strip, the follicles are removed with the help microneedles that are punched at different places on the backside of the head.

1. FUE Vs. FUT – Overview

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is a technique that was developed almost 2 decades back while Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a relatively new technique of hair transplant.  Both the extraction phase and implantation phase are equally important. The key difference between FUT and FUE techniques are how the donor hair follicles are extracted.


2. FUE Vs. FUT – Cost

The costing of both the procedures is entirely dependent on the area of baldness that needs transplantation and the thickness that is required by the patient. But generally due to the skill set required and the time involved in the procedure, FUE is expensive than FUT.


3. FUE Vs. FUT – Procedure/Method

In FUT after administering local anesthesia, a strip of skin containing follicular units is extracted from the donor area. The follicular units are then separated with the use of a microscope and then reinserted in the recipient area again with the use of a microscope.

In FUE instead of a strip of skin, a microneedle is used to punch a hole in the skin and with the use of another needle, the follicles are extracted. The insertion procedure in FUE is similar to the one done in FUT


4. FUE Vs. FUT – Success Rate

The success rate is the same in both the procedures but the number of follicles extracted by FUT is more than FUE which makes the success ratio of new hair regrowth marginally better than FUE


5. FUE Vs. FUT – Pros

The Advantages of FUT procedure are:

  • Almost 2 decades old hence more proven track record
  • Single seating gives a good amount of hair follicles
  • Quality of Hair follicles extracted is better than FUE

The Advantages of FUE procedure are:

  • Latest technology in hair transplant procedure
  • Less discomfort during and post-procedure compared to FUT
  • Faster recovery time compared to FUT
  • No linear scars on the back of the head or donor area


6. FUE Vs. FUT – Cons

The disadvantages of FUT procedure are:

  • Possibility of visible linear scar in the donor area
  • Recovery time is more
  • Possibility of loss of laxity in the scalp

The disadvantages of FUE procedure are:

  • Possibility of harvesting damages hair follicles
  • Less quantity of hair follicles extracted in one seating
  • Skill required in FUE is rare in hair surgeons hence less clinic offer the procedure



FUE Or FUT Which One Is Better?

The choice of procedure entirely depends on the scalp analysis first. In case the hair transplant area is very less then FUE is the procedure to go for. But if the area is more, then FUT proves to be a much better solution.

One of the considerations for any hair transplant procedures should be the level of scarring. With this style of cosmetic surgery, it is inevitable that there will be some element of scarring to contend with. However, FUE tends to have less tissue scarring than FUT. However, with both procedures the down time is relatively low and you should begin to see normal hair growth within 3-6 months, which is a very short time in comparison to a lifetime of baldness.


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