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All You Need To Know About Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline & Stages

Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline & Stages

If I consider undergoing Hair Transplant surgery, how long will it take to see the results?

You have read everything about the Hair Transplant surgery and if your decision to undergo the procedure is entirely dependent on the timelines results then, wait no more. Preparing for your hair transplant recovery is an essential part of the hair restoration process at SkinCity and knowing what to expect after treatment will help put your mind at ease.


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Although in today’s age of social media where quick gratification is everything, the hair transplant procedure is a patient man’s game. You might see some results in the beginning but to see the real picture, it will be a waiting game. In this blog we will go through the entire timeline post-surgery and what kind of result you can expect at what stage. We will discuss the timeline in days, weeks and months and also the different stages of the recovery and growth.


Timeline Post Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair restoration is a process, and new transplants will take some time to start producing noticeable hair growth. Recovering from hair transplantation surgery is a relatively simple and comfortable process that yields truly rewarding results.

Here’s how the recovery process works in the 1 year period.

Week 1

  • Day 1

The first-day post-procedure, the donor and recipient area would be in a very sensitive state. There is a possibility of blood clot in the recipient area as well as some blood flow in the donor area where the stitches have applied ( Incase of FUT). The patient should take rest and make sure the head is in an elevated position which might reduce the possibility of blood flow. In case the patient has undergone FUE the tiny incisions made on the back of the head must have started healing already.


  • Day 2 to 4

While its healing, you’ll notice tiny crusts formed in the recipient area but there also the possibility of swelling happening in the forehead or near the eye. The ideal way to deal with swelling is by application of hot and cold press or medication prescribed by the doctor. The pain will have reduced substantially compared to Day 1. It is advised to take ample amount of rest for atleast the first week to avoid hampering of the grafts. Simple non-physical work can be done after the 3rd day.


  • Day 5 to 7

Now that it has been a good couple of days of rest, the grafts have regained its strength and will not dislodge. You can now resume regular bathing habits and can use shampoo and other hair products. You can also apply shampoo and leave it for a little longer to clean the recipient area properly. You can also start your regular activity and can resume your routine, but avoid any intense physical activity for atleast 4 weeks. In case you want to use a hat to cover the head, you should consult with our doctor.


Weeks 2 to 4

  • Day 10

On day 10, most of the healing crusts would have gone and you’ll find hair growth in the recipient area. Keep washing your head regularly and the crusts will peel and fall off naturally.


  • Day 11 to Week 4

This is what is called a resting phase for the hair follicles. Most of the little hair that have grown will fall off as it is a natural process. This falling of hair is also called a shock loss. New and stronger hair will start to emerge soon and in 3 months they will be of considerable length. There could also be the formation of pimple-like eruptions in the recipient area which is again due to folliculitis. This is again a common skin condition and you should consult your doctor to review it.


Months 2 to 3

There will be a good amount of hair growth in the recipient area between month 2 & 3. Although it might not be very thick and have great texture as expected. You can now start grooming and styling your hair from a good salon. The scar in the case of a FUT procedure would have shrunk to its final size and shape. This is a great time as you will finally start seeing the growth of new hair.


Months 4 to 6

During month 4 to 6, you will see your hair growth to be better in thickness and texture. You can now color your hair and can style it as you please. Still at this stage, only 50-60% of hair has grown and the growth will be followed for the following months. If you are planning a vacation it is advised to wear a cap to avoid sunburn in the recipient area.


Month 7 To 1 Year

At this stage, 80-90% of your hair has grown and you would see an increase in volume as well as texture. You should visit the doctor for analysis and document the progress. You can now enjoy your new look and tress with confidence! 100% growth will happen in approximate 18 months duration.

It is important to note that the progress mentioned above is in the ideal scenario, however individual progress might vary depending upon individual genetics.


In Summary

To conclude, the hair regrowth post-surgery is an enduring process,but its all worth it when you regain your lost hair and confidence. At SkinCity, we will be with you every step of the way on your hair restoration journey. Whether you are interested in hair transplants, PRP Therapy, hair loss medication or more, we can provide the resources and expertise you need to combat the debilitating effects of age-related hair loss and live your life in total confidence.

Ready to take the first step? Call us now on +91 9890225577 to fix up an appointment with our expert trichologists who post the scalp analysis, can give you a personalized plan of the hair transplant procedure. To learn more about the process of hair transplant recovery or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Niteen Dhepe today.

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