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miraDry FAQ: Top Frequently Asked Questions by Patients

miraDry Frequently Asked Questions

Are you living in the shadow of fear from underarm stains? miraDry® is a simple, safe, and a non-invasive procedure to reduce excessive underarm sweating by eliminating underarm sweat glands forever.

If you’re one of those billion people suffering from hyperhidrosis of the underarms, miraDry® is an FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment that permanently reduces underarm sweat, odor, and hair – in just one hour. 100,000+ miraDry® treatments have been performed worldwide. While it is the most advanced and result-oriented procedure, you may have a few queries of your own which we’re trying to resolve by answering the top frequently asked questions by patients about miraDry®.


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Top Frequently Asked Questions by thePatients Related To miraDry®

Life is too short to spend time fighting your sweat. If you’re tired of wearing antiperspirant, wearing only dark colors, or putting artificial fragrances on your body, it is time to consider miraDry®. If you have any lingering queries about it, we’ve compiled a list of the questions we most often hear from patients during a miraDry® consultation.


1. How Much Does miraDry® Cost?

The cost of miraDry® treatment in a particular patient depends on the nature of their hyperhidrosis. The charges for single session of miraDry®could cost 3000 $ internationally. SkinCity offers some attractive packages at an affordable cost.

2. How Long Does the effects of miraDry® Last?

Once your sweat glands are destroyed, they don’t grow back, thus making miraDry® a permanent solution for your underarm sweating.

3. How Long Will miraDry take to Show Results And How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Many patients are pleased with the results they see immediately after their one-hour treatment. There are some patients who may benefit from an additional treatment for optimal results.

4. Is miraDry® Treatment Painful?

The miraDry® treatment begins by injecting a local anesthesia to the underarm which would prick and some patients claim to not feel the treatment at all!

5. What Results Can I Expect With miraDry®?

You can expect instant and lasting results. Clinical studies show an average of 82% sweat reduction. However, with any aesthetic treatment, patient results and experience may vary.

6. Are There Any Side Effects To miraDry®?

Little soreness or swelling will occur, which will clear within a few weeks. Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms, which slowly disappears.

7. Does miraDry®Stop Odor?

The procedure works by delivering precisely controlled, heat-based energy to eliminate sweat and odor glands present in the underarms, which means you may no longer need deodorant or antiperspirant to cover up sweat and odor.

8. What Is miraDry®Treatment?

miraDry® is a safe and non-invasive treatment for permanently reducing underarm sweat. The best part is that side effects are minimal and results are permanent. In one treatment, you can start seeing results and start feeling your best.

9. Does miraDry®Wear Off?

Unlike medications (which have side effects) or Botox injections (which wear off), miraDry® leads to permanent reduction in sweat.

10. Can You Wear Deodorant After miraDry®?

You don’t necessarily need to wear a deodorant after a miraDry® treatment, but it’s completely fine if you would still like to wear it to smell nice. You may use the least alcoholic deo or cream based deo.

11. Is It Safe To Remove Underarm Sweat Glands?

While risky, surgical sweat gland removal was the only way to stop underarm sweating permanently.The only side effects of sweat gland removal include compensatory sweating and scarring. However with miraDry these side effects are minimized.

12. Do Sweat Glands Grow Back?

Sweat glands are not believed to regrow after they have been destroyed, so the benefits of miraDry®for excessive sweating are commonly regarded as permanent.

13. Is miraDry® FDA Approved?

Yes, miraDry® is an FDA approved treatment for excessive underarm sweating. It is now the first and only FDA cleared device for the non­invasive treatment of odor.

14. Is It Dangerous To Remove Sweat Glands?

Suction-curettage of sweat glands is a minimally invasive surgical technique that is easy to perform, safe, has high rates of success and relatively few side-effects. So, no, it is not dangerous. But, yes, if you are not getting it done from a well-qualified clinic.

15. Can You Kill Sweat Glands?

Laser treatment like miraDry® for hyperhidrosis targets and destroy sweat glands permanently. When you destroy the underarm sweat glands, you also destroy sweat, odor and surprisingly hair growth.

16. What Kind Of Doctor Removes Sweat Glands?

Specialist neurologists who specialize in the treatment of hyperhidrosis help in removing sweat glands. We at SkinCity have qualified and well-trained specialists to perform miraDry® procedure exceptionally.



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To learn more about miraDry®, contact Skin City to schedule a free consultation. If you feel embarrassed by sweat stains and body odor, fear shaking others’ hands because of your own sweaty palms, we understand and we’re here to help.

If you want to permanently reduce sweat in your armpits, give us a call today! We’d love to meet with you in a personalized consultation to discuss your options.

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