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Moles Vs. Warts: What’s The Difference Between Moles & Warts?

 Moles Vs Warts

Most of the skin darkening spots tend to look the same but there is a significant difference between them. It is important to understand how to differentiate between these skin spots to go for effective treatment.

One such confusing skin spot is moles and warts. In this blog, we will understand what is moles and warts, their difference and also what treatments are available for both of these skin spots.

Warts Vs. Moles: What is the Difference?

To understand the difference between warts and moles lets first understand what type of skin types are called Moles and what type of skin types are called warts.

Moles are the dark concentrated circle on the skin that formed due to the accumulation of skin cells at a single place rather than evenly spread across the skin. Warts on the other hand are a small growth that grows on the skin and has a rough texture which somewhat resembles the shape of a cauliflower.

Moles – All You Need To Know

Moles are very common skin spots that appear in most human being’s skin. These moles generally grow from an early age until the person reaches adulthood. In general, a person has anywhere between 10 to 40 moles on his/her body. Moles are circular in structure with colors varying from different shades of black or brown. The size of a mole too is different depending on the type of moles. Moles generally appear when the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time.

Although moles have a probability of turning into skin cancer, the possibility of it happening is very rare.

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Warts – All You Need To Know

Warts are caused due to a virus that comes from the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. The way a wart appears completely depends on its location on the body and how thick is the person’s skin.

Palmar warts appear on the hand while plantar warts appear on the feet of a person. Warts mostly affect children as studies have shown 1 in 3 children having it but in adults, it is just 3 to 5%. This could be large because of the increases immune system of a person as he/she grows from child to adult.


How Do You Differentiate Moles & Warts?

Now that we have understood the basic definition of moles and warts, let us understand how to differentiate between these two. The difference can be identified based on the appearance of these skin spots which are completely different from each and other minute details. Below mentioned are the key tips to identify and differentiate between these skin spots

Moles –

As discussed above mole is the more common skin spot and is present in a fair amount all over the skin. Below mentioned are the signs you need to check to see if it is a mole

  • If the skin spot is dark in color which could brown or black then it is a mole
  • When you touch the skin spot and if it feels smooth then it is a mole
  • If the dark spot is on arms, chest, face and back then it is a mole



Warts as discussed above are distinct and can be easily be differentiated. Below mentioned are some pointers you need to check to confirm if the skin spot is a wart or something else. The major difference that one needs to understand about wart is that it is contagious as it is a virus and should be treated immediately.

  • If the skin spot is colorless then it is a wart
  • If the skin on the spot is rough then it is a wart
  • If the spot is present on hard skin like hands, feet, elbows, and knees then it is a wart
  • If the spot is above the skin and looks like a mini cauliflower then it is a wart


How To Treat Warts And Moles?

Now when it comes to treatment things get tricky. Moles if you consider for the most part are harmless. Although there is a chance of getting the mole into skin cancer the chances are very rare. But when it comes to warts they are virus and as they are contagious they need to be treated as soon possible so that it does not spread.

For warts, there are many over the shelf products that can be applied but it is a painful procedure and many people don’t sustain it and leave it in the middle. The best treatment for warts is to contact the dermatologist who would freeze the wart.

For moles, if the dermatologist after analysis thinks it can lead to cancer then they remove it through procedures like laser therapy, surgical incision, surgical shave, etc. But if the mole is not cancerous there is no reason for it to be removed other than for cosmetic purposes.


Treat Moles and Warts From its Roots at Skin City

So to summarize moles and warts are very different from each other right from the way they look and feel to the treatment options. For warts its very important to meet the dermatologist immediately to stop it from spreading.

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