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What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks?

Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks

Those pink, purple or white waves under your skin that occur naturally as men and women both past puberty is called ‘Stretch Mark’ and medically known as Striae Distensae.

If you’ve noticed them on your body, you’re not alone.

Stretch marks may appear due to the hormonal changes and growth associated with puberty, during pregnancy, or with medical diseases, such as Cushing syndrome. Though fairly know that these are nothing but skin scars, let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms of stretch marks.


What are the Signs and Symptoms of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear when the skin has been put under extreme expansion and contraction. Stretch marks may occur during various phases of life, either its due to increased cortisol (a hormone produced by the adrenal glands) secretion or associated with increased body mass. Due to such extreme condition the skin when comes back to its normal state it is not able to retain the exact elasticity that it had before causing long narrow stripes on the skin. They’re further diversified as Striae Rubrae and Striae Albae.

Below mentioned are the signs and symptoms of stretch marks:

  • Skin looks thinner than usual
  • They appear as raised pink to purple lines
  • With time, they appear as silvery lines on the skin, similar to a scar
  • Wrinkles start to appear on the skin
  • A frequent feeling of irritation and itchiness

*Stretch marks may be due to a serious illness, they may order blood, urine, or imaging tests.


Signs & Symptoms of Striae Rubrae (Pink / Red Stretch Marks)

Stretch marks are just like any other scars on our body, it does not stay the same and keeps changing over time. Striae Rubrae can be called as the first stage of stretch marks. The initial striae rubrae are slightly raised pink or violaceous linear marks (striae rubrae), which fade over months to years to hypopigmented, atrophic, wrinkled scars (striae albae). The marks are perpendicular to the direction of skin tension.

Below mentioned are the signs and symptoms of Striae Rubrae:

  • Raised skin layer
  • Red or pink in color
  • Constant feel of itching
  • Slightly flatter (depressed)
  • Can be 1-10 mm wide or many centimeters long


Signs & Symptoms of Striae Albae (White Stretch Marks)

The first stage of stretch marks that is Striae Rubrae advances into what looks like a thin white non-linear line that is permanent is called as Striae Albae. This produces a thinned epidermis, loss of dermal elastin, and a replacement of the dermis by abnormally dense collagen fibres.

Below mentioned are the signs and symptoms of Striae Albae:

  • Skin looks pale compared to other part
  • Wrinkles on skin
  • Non-linear lines that are now white in color


Thus, having stretch marks on your body is not a matter of shame, it is perfectly natural body phenomena. However, we do know that it can be a self-confidence buster when you are social gatherings. Nonetheless, some treatments have shown progress in treating two types of stretch marks, Striae Rubrae and Striae Albae. At Skin City, we offer treatments such as Chemical Peel, Laser Therapy, Microneedling, Microdermabraison, and Radiofrequncy to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


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