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Why is the Skin City Best Vitiligo Clinic in India?

Why is the Skin City Best Vitiligo Clinic in India

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which areas of the skin become white because of the loss of normal pigmentation. It is a rare skin condition that affects 1 to 2 percent of the world’s population. The extent and severity of vitiligo varies from person to person, with some people developing small patches, while others having large white areas that cover a considerable amount of their skin. The cause for the loss of melanocytes in the skin, however, is not yet known. Studies have suggested that vitiligo may be an autoimmune disease where the immune system targets and destroys the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin and cause pigmentation in the skin.

While this skin condition is not at all fatal, it should be noted that having these white patches make a person more prone to sunburn and skin cancer. However, the development of skin cancer should not be seen as causal to vitiligo.


Vitiligo Types

Vitiligo has been divided into various types depending on the extent and the location of the depigmentation.

  • Focal vitiligo. This is characterized by a small isolated lesion in one specific area of the body.
  • Segmental vitiligo. This refers to the presence of white patches that only occur on the skin on one side of the body. It usually involves the rapid spread of the patches in a particular area, but is then arrested and can remain unchanged for years.3
  • Generalized vitiligo (non-segmental), on the other hand, refers to the depigmentation in various parts of the body. This type is usually characterized by the gradual spread of the skin lesions to a wide region. It can also be distinguished from localized vitiligo through the symmetrical pattern that is commonly observed in patients’ skin. Generalized vitiligo usually starts in the hands, feet and face, and includes the following subtypes.


General Symptoms Of Vitiligo

The first signs of vitiligo usually manifest in people who are in their late adolescent years or in their early 20s. However, this does not mean that vitiligo is limited to people in this age bracket.

Aside from skin depigmentation, some of the other symptoms of vitiligo include the following:

  • Loss of color in hair, eyelashes or eyebrows.Premature graying of hair has been observed to be caused by vitiligo.
  • Depigmentation of the tissues inside the mouth. The loss of melanin can also be observed in mucous membranes and mouth tissues. White vitiligo patches may develop on the lips as well.
  • Color changes in the eyes.The melanocytes found in the eyes are also prone to damage during the onset of this disease.
  • Eye inflammation. In some cases, vitiligo may be accompanied with uveitis, or the inflammation of the eyes.


Factors That Cause Vitiligo

Some of the factors that have been linked to the progression of vitiligo include the following:

  • Having an autoimmune disease. Due to the spontaneous destruction of the melanocytes in the skin, researchers have linked vitiligo to the immune response that is commonly observed in autoimmune diseases.
  • Studies suggest that vitiligo usually happens in multiple cases in families, with members rarely having an isolated form of vitiligo.
  • Oxidative stress. Oxidative stress and autoimmunity have been observed to interact with each other and produce a pathway that eventually leads to the destruction of the melanocytes.
  • Skin trauma. Vitiligo can also be caused by cuts, burns, abrasions or other forms of skin trauma, which can destroy the melanocytes in certain areas of the body.
  • Emotional distress may influence the development of this skin disease. People who are subjected to physical and emotional stress are found to have a faster spread of vitiligo patches.


Vitiligo Treatment At Skin City

Treatment options include phototherapies (UVA and UVB), 308nm excimer light and laser, immuno therapies and surgery. Skin City is the largest Vitiligo treatment centre and has treated thousands of patients. Skin City has invented a new technique of Vitiligo mini skin grafting called ‘Cyanoacrylate lamination technique’.  All Vitiligo patients can undergo the treatment. However, patients with facial, neck, arm and trunk patches are ideal candidates for this treatment. Patients with old age, uncontrolled diabetes and those with involvement of >60% of body surface are discouraged from treatments.


Why Skin City Is The Best Vitiligo Clinic in India

Skin City has been the pioneer centre to install and use excimer lasers since last nine years in India to treat vitiligo. The onset of regimentation is fastest with excimer laser therapy and stability of pigment is longest with excimer. Skin City’s protocols are followed worldwide to treat dark skin patients with excimer laser. The narrowband Excimer laser can be ideal for vitiligo treatment, particularly smaller areas. This also avoids exposure to longer wavelengths of ultraviolet light, part of our care in ensuring treatment is as safe as possible.

Treating pigment changes requires expertise and the right combination of treatments for each individual case. For some, this can be over a fair period, to achieve, or maintain the solutions they want to see.

The super skin specialists at our clinics remain committed throughout your treatment. We’re known of combining a scientific approach with a high level of personal care.


Make An Appointment

Please contact our clinics across India to make an appointment with leading dermatologist Dr. Niteen Dhepe. Equipped with many years of experience in treating vitiligo patients, he will evaluate your individual skin condition and discuss the treatment options with you.

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