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Stretch Marks On Knees: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

Stretch Marks On Knees

Stretch Marks On Knees – Overview

We derive a lot about a person based on his/her looks and personality and that’s the reason why we all strive to keep ourselves as presentable as possible. But sometimes we come across some skin issues that appear naturally which are harmless but do not look appealing.

One such skin issue is stretch marks which are a series of non-linear lines that appear on the skin of various body parts. These line although harmless, affect the aesthetic look of a person and could cause a loss in self-confidence.

One such body part where stretch marks appear are knees. In this blog, we will understand how stretch marks appear on knees, its causes, treatment, and tips for prevention.


Who Gets Stretch Marks On Knees?

Stretch marks appear on the skin when the skin is stretched unusually. This stretch makes the skin loose some of its elasticity and that’s how stretch marks start appearing. The appearance and color of stretch marks depend on the skin and the cause. Following are the people who can get stretch marks on knees

  • Women especially during preganacy
  • Men who do extensive work on legs like running and jogging
  • Teenagers during puberty
  • Overweight and obese individuals


What Causes Stretch Marks On Knees

While stretch marks are very common and can happen to anyone, some risk factors increase the chances of that individual getting it. Although not an exhaustive list, below mentioned are the causes strongly related those lines and streaks

1. Being Female

Women have twice the probability of getting stretch marks as compared to men. This is partly because of the frequent harmonal changes in their body and hence could spur unusual growth causing stretch marks especially in the knees.

2. Young Pregnant Women

Preganancy puts a lot of additional weight on a women’s body. Hence the same set of knees would now be handling more weight. This could cause a lot of strain causing stretch marks on the knees.

3. Genetics

If your family had stretch marks on knees, chances are you too would be getting it. Blame on those genes.

4. Obesity

Obesity again causes a lot of strain on the knees due to the additional weight. In case as well the extra stress will give way for stretch marks on the knees.

5. Individual On Medication Like Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids are drugs that reduce inflammation and also reduce immune system activity. But prolonged usage of these drugs can reduce the skin’s elasticity thus causing stretch marks.

6. An individual having a disease like Marfan syndrome

People suffering from Marfan syndrome have unsually weak skin and are not as elastic as a regular person. Thus they develop stretch marks.


How Are Stretch Marks On Knees Treated?

If you are worried and stressed out about those ugly lines on your knees then don’t worry. There are multiple treatment options available that can reduce these stretch marks and even make them invisible.

Below are some of the most common treatments suggested by dermatologists in order to get rid of stretch marks.

  • Chemical peels
  • Ultra Pulse Laser treatment
  • Eenerjet JVR laser treatment
  • Dermarolling


How You Can Prevent Stretch Marks On Knees?

As it famously said, prevention is better than cure, there are steps that can be taken in order to make sure those unwanted stripes and streaks stay away from the skin. This is not a foolproof advice but it definitely increases the probability of not getting stretch marks on the knee.

Below mentioned are some of the steps that an individual can adopt to keep the skin healthy

1. Stay Hydrated

A hydrated body has skin that’s healthy and shiny. Hence you should always consume water or fluid religiously to keep the skin healthy and away from stretch marks

2. Right Food

Food rich in vitamins and proteins will keep the skin healthy and radiating. Hence make sure to include food like green vegetables, eggs, beans and fruits in your diet.

3. Managing weight

Weight plays a very important role as a heavy body will put a lot of pressure on the knees that are carrying them. Hence make sure you eat non processed food and exercise regularly to stay in shape and away from stretch marks.


How To Remove Stretch Marks On Knees?

It’s natural to stress when you see stretch marks for the first time and how it would change your look and limit what you can wear but stretch can be removed or at least reduced to its minimum and make it invisible.

Below mentioned are some of the tips that one can use to get rid of those lines

1. Exercise

The exercise that is specifically focused on the stretch mark areas can reduce them. In case of stretch marks on knees, one can do an exercise focused on the legs like lying on the ground and stretching the legs. Doing such exercise regularly can reduce the stretch marks.

2. A Skin Cream Containing Vitamin E And Aloe Vera

A cream that contains vitamin E and aloe vera can help reduce the stretch marks on the knee. Apply the cream in a circular motion on the affected area, the massaging improves blood flow while vitamin E and aloe vera promote skin cell regeneration and collagen fiber production.

So stretch marks on knees are normal and with the expert skin care clinic like Skin city, you can get rid of them and get back to your natural self without worrying about anything.

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