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Stretch Marks on Shoulders: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More

Stretch Marks On Shoulders

Stretch Marks On Shoulders

You have been working out for some time now or preparing yourself for a sporting event by hitting the gym every day. You start seeing the result in your body with toned muscle, veins have started popping out of your biceps.

But just above those swoll biceps and near your shoulder, you see pink or red lines appearing. They are all non-linear broken lines and are not pleasing to look at. Now you are worried about it and want to know more about it. That’s nothing but stretch marks on your shoulder.

In this blog, we are going to understand what are these marks and how they appear on your shoulders. We will also understand the cause and solution to remove these marks.


Who Gets Stretch Marks On Shoulders?

Stretch marks are a clear sign of the specific body part had undergone under high stress. Unable to adapt to such sudden stress the skin gives up its elasticity to some extent which later forms those lines that we call as stretch marks.

The shoulder stretch is particularly common among bodybuilders who are working out for a long time and especially for those who are undergoing too much shoulder training. It is also common among athletes like dead weight lifters and other sports that involve the usage of shoulders. These stretch marks are also common among individuals who are undergoing weight loss at a very rapid rate using extreme dieting and exercise in the gym.


What Causes Stretch Marks On Shoulders

Although shoulders are considered one of the strongest parts of a human body, the skin still remains the same. What this means is although you can lift more weight with all your strength and eventually it will make your shoulder more muscular, if the transition from lightweight to heavyweight is sudden then the skin takes the majority of the brunt resulting in stretch marks.

Here are a few main causes of stretch marks on shoulders:

  • Extreme workout using weights
  • Weight loss program that includes weight training
  • Rapid mass gain


How Are Stretch Marks On Shoulders Treated?

In earlier days people used to adjust to the new skin that had stretch marks and hardly had any option to treat or remove them. But recent medical advancement in dermatology has given a lot of options that a person can go for.

Below mentioned are some of the most common and effective medical procedures that are suggested by skincare specialist

  • Laser Therapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Tripolar Radiofrequency


How You Can Prevent Stretch Marks On Shoulders?

Bodybuilding or an intense workout can substantially increase your chance of stretch marks. But that does not mean one should not work out. In fact, proper workout is one of the factors that keep your skin healthy and glowing.

All you need to do is follow below-mentioned tips while working out and you will be healthy as well as keep those ugly lines away from your shoulders

1. Go Slow

If you are working out, make sure you increase the intensity of your workout slowly and steadily. This gives the skin sufficient time to grow as per the workout without the need to stretch immediately.

2. No Sudden Weight Gain

We understand the sudden urge to get those biceps and curls like your favorite movie star, but there are no shortcuts to grow in size organically without any skin damage. Hence don’t put on immediate weights to your workout and strictly stay away from steroids.

3. Eat Good Food

Eat food that has ingredients that promote collagen which makes the skin healthy and glowing. Food should have a good proportion of vitamins, proteins every day and zinc.

4. Moisturize

Keep your skin moisturized by application of cocoa butter, lotions shea butter etc. Dry skin is more prone to stretch marks.

How To Remove Stretch Marks On Shoulders?

There are different ways in which stretch marks on the shoulder can be removed or at least reduced to make them invisible. The medical-surgical procedure has already been mentioned above, there are some other techniques that you can follow which are mentioned below.

  • Application of Retin- A on the stretch marks regularly helps reduce redness of the skin and promote collagen growth which in time helps the stretch marks to go away
  • Undergo laser treatment which again stimulates collagen production. A non-ablative laser helps the marks to fade away without injuring the skin
  • A person can also undergo excimer laser treatments that change the pigment of the stretch marks. This surgery promotes the growth of melanin in your stretch marks thus reducing the whiteness of the lines and blending it with nearby skin color.


Stretch Marks On Shoulders From Working Out?

As discussed above, if you are a bodybuilder or working out regularly using weights there are chances you will get stretch marks on shoulders.

This generally happens if you transition from lifting light to heavyweight immediately without progressing gradually. Due to such sudden stress on shoulders, the skin loses some of its elasticity causing stretch marks.


So stretch marks on the shoulder are very common among people who are working out with weights as well as among athletes. These stretch marks can be easily prevented by taking some basic precaution. If you already have these marks, then you should reach out to a dermatology clinic like Skin City clinic to find the best solution for you.

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