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Summer Skin Care Routine: A Dermatologist-Approved Guide For You!

Summer Skin Care Routine

Summer is a time when we like to go out and enjoy the sunny days and have fun with friends and family. But this holiday can become a problem if you do not take care of your skin because summer is the time when skin tends to get acne and pimple.

In this blog, we will understand the impact summer has on your skin and tips on how to keep your skin healthy in this season. We will also cover different skin care tips for different types of skin.


How Summer Can Impact On Your Skin?

Summers are known to be very taxing on your body especially on your skin. If you do not take proper care, summers can have a damaging impact on your skin.

Here are some serious impact summer can have on your skin:

Heat Rashes

During summers the skin is been put into a lot of pressure and hence we sweat a lot during this time. But sometimes the dirt and dust clog gets stuck in the sweat ducts causing to stop the perspiration. This, in turn, results in itchy rashes and blisters.


At a certain time in the day during summers, the sun rays are so harsh that the exposed skin can experience red patches and rashes that burn. This especially to people who have sensitive skin.


Summers are known to drain water from all living things as well as things that have any water or moisture in it. Hence when you go out too much in sun the body loses a lot of water. If you do not replenish it regularly by drinking water then you can face dehydration that might even result in you losing your consciousness.


The hot temperature is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and it can jump from one person to another when two people touch or come in contact either personally to touching the same things. Hence this causes skin infections.


The summers where the skin sweats a lot and during this time if you are outdoors the dust and particles tend to cling to the wet surface. This clogs the skin pores and can provide an environment for acne and pimples to appear.

Ugly Tans

If you have very fair skin then you have tried getting your skin naturally tanned in the summers, but sometimes things do not go as planned and rather than getting a uniform tan because of excessive heat, you get them in patches that look straight up ugly.


20 Best Summer Skin Care Tips

You might be confused or nor sure things to do during summers but don’t worry, we have got you covered. Below are 20 super simple and easy to follow tips that will give you flawless skin which you can flaunt in summer.

Here are top 20 summer skin care tips you need to follow:

1. Summer Moisturizer

A combination of sunscreen and moisturizer can work wonders on your skin during summers as it protects you from harmful sun rays and moisturizes the skin as well

2. Don’t Pause the Moisturizer

It is a common belief that moisturizer is only used in winters but that’s not true. Your skin needs moisturizer even during summers but you cannot use the same winter moisturizer as it tends to be very thick. Apply a moisturizer that is light and less viscous.

3. Light Summer Care Routine

As your skin tends to sweat a lot hence if you apply too much of anything on your skin, it will trap the sweat inside and thus can cause the perspiration to stop and cause rashes and acne. Hence in summers try and use light creams and sunscreen.

4. Do Exfoliate

As we learned above, in summers the skin tends to clog with dirt and particles and hence it is super important to get them cleaned regularly. And for the same purpose, you must exfoliate to clear those skins.

5. Vitamin C is Essential

Vitamin C is a very important source for your skin and helps produce collagen which prevents hyperpigmentation and improves the overall appearance of the skin. Hence you should invest in a good vitamin C product.


6. Short Shower Time

Although we tend to shower more during summertime, it is important to note that spending too much time under the shower especially if the water is hot can make your skin drier. Hence reduce the shower time to 5-6 minutes.


7. Be in Shade

When in summer, be mindful to wear summer-appropriate clothes like lightweight cotton wear, wide-rimmed hats, and sunglasses. Although in summer you need to be out whenever possible, be under an umbrella.

8. Makeup Should be Non-Comedogenic

You need to be aware of the word non-comedogenic. This ingredient blocks the pores and hence not a good product to use during summers. Hence when you use makeup products, make sure it does not have comedogenic.

9. SPF is a Must

SPF is again something that you have to apply on your skin before getting out in the sun. Also, it should be SPF 30 or higher for effective protection. The SPF sunscreen’s effect wears down in a couple of hours hence make sure you remember to reapply it after a couple of hours.

10. Water is Good

Dehydration is one of the most common health issues that you can face in summer. Hence you need to replenish your body with water or fluids constantly which will also make your skin healthy.

11. Feet Care

Its summertime so bye-bye shoes, hello sandals. But make sure you get a pedicure to wear those fancy flip flops.

12. Toe Care

Just like feet, make sure your toes are clean and you can apply those bright colors that will make it stand out.

13. Suntan in the Right Way

Summertime is the time of getting that beautiful tan on your body but that shouldn’t come from a tanning bed. A sunless tanner can be the best starting point to get that color.

14. Makeup- Less is More

As the skin tends to sweat a lot, the best make up you can apply is minimal. Because if you apply your regular makeup, it will block the pores and sweat and hence can cause acne and pimple. Keep the skin breathable and go for light makeup.

15. Natural Care

Nature has the answer to all your needs and that is true even for your skincare. Lemon and tomato are very good at keeping your skin fresh. The best way to use it is to squeeze the liquid from lemon and tomato and apply it on your skin and then rinse it away.

16. Extra Care of Eyes

The skin under your eyes are extra sensitive, hence make sure you apply necessary cream or gel-like under eye gel. A natural cream can be honey which can keep the skin under the eye hydrated and prevent wrinkle formation.

17. Hygiene

Maintaining a good hygiene regime is important in summers as this is when the body tends to get dirtier due to excessive sweating which makes the dirt cling to it. Hence taking a bath twice a day will keep your skin clean and fresh.

18. Body Cooling Foods

Food is the fuel to the body, hence what type of food you eat in summers dominate how you and body feel. Hence do not eat heavy food or food with too many calories as that will make you lethargic and also make you tired very soon. Having seasonal fruits and vegetables is the best option. Also, have a natural cooling drink like coconut water.

1 9. Light Weight Fabrics

Summers are when your skin needs to breathe as it sweats a lot. Hence to facilitate that, you need to wear lightweight breathable clothes made of pure cotton.

20. Facial Care

Face is the most important visual part of your body. In summers due to heat and sweat, your face might tend to come up with pimples and acne. Hence to avoid that make sure you wash your face at least 3-4 times in a day to clean the pores of sweat and dust.

Summer Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

When it comes to skincare routine in summer there is no one size fits all. Different skin types will have different skincare routine. So a person with oily skin can follow the below-mentioned tips to have great skin in summers.

  • Right cleansing
  • Minimal Makeup
  • Moisturize
  • Use Blotting paper
  • Sweat-resistant makeup


Summer Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin needs a different skincare routine than an oily skin and that’s what we have covered under this topic. Below mentioned are some of the skincare tips especially for people with dry skin.

  • Skin cleansing
  • Application of serum
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Sunscreen
  • Exfoliate

So summer is the best time to have fun and wear those funky dresses with flip flops and sipping coconut water. Just make sure you follow the tips mentioned above and you will have a great time.

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