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Arogya Expo 2014 – Day 3

Dr Niteen Dhepe is a master of his domain, only in a span of few minutes he told us various ways to lose weight. He also busted many myths about fat and cholesterol level in our body. He told us that it is not our weight but the level of fat content in our body which is a matter of worry. A thin person may have a larger fat and cholesterol content than a fat person. His mantra to maintain weight is to eat e ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 2

Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 2 Your skin needs daily care not repair. Like your brush our teeth every day, take bath, eat food, wear nice clothes, likewise your skin needs a day to day care. For more details…… Do you know of a once a week course of bath, food, wearing clothes, etc… Right skin care for your you know your skin type, now you must choose right skincare routine as per y ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 1

#NoNonSenseCosmetology  #DrDhepeSays Do you know your Skin?  What if your Skin type? (i)  Oily        (ii) Dry (iii) Mixed         (iv) I don’t know I don’t know my Skin Type? I am confused – #drdhepesays – It is commonly observed that most people cannot identify their skin type. It is biologically possible for your skin to change its behavior when subjected to various factors like age, seasons of the year ...

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Liposuction – A Fast and Safe Way of Getting Rid of Excess Body Fat

Diet and activity planning, lifestyle modification and stress management can help in weight management to some extent. Without these basic elements, it’s not advisable to resort to short cuts like crash dieting, weight loss tablets or surgeries. Though weight management gives a generally acceptable shape to certain parts of body, sometimes there could be accumulation of fat that is exercise non-responsive a ...

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