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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 2

Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 2 Your skin needs daily care not repair. Like your brush our teeth every day, take bath, eat food, wear nice clothes, likewise your skin needs a day to day care. For more details…… Do you know of a once a week course of bath, food, wearing clothes, etc… Right skin care for your you know your skin type, now you must choose right skincare routine as per y ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology Tip 1

#NoNonSenseCosmetology  #DrDhepeSays Do you know your Skin?  What if your Skin type? (i)  Oily        (ii) Dry (iii) Mixed         (iv) I don’t know I don’t know my Skin Type? I am confused – #drdhepesays – It is commonly observed that most people cannot identify their skin type. It is biologically possible for your skin to change its behavior when subjected to various factors like age, seasons of the year ...

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Top Winter Tips – #NoNonsenseCosmetology

Hello Friends, As promised we have come up with Top Winter Skin Care Tips for you directly from our Medical Director, Dr. Niteen Dhepe (Twitter - @drniteendhepe ). Dr. Dhepe believes in tips that speaks no nonsense and science. So we have named the campaign as #DrDhepeSays #NoNonsenseCosmetology These tips are not just advices, we will be talking here for a week, we will communicate, ask questions to each o ...

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FEMINA JUNE 2013 Article :Super Hair Removal Process

Highlighting the word ‘Super’ Manasi Shroff talks to Dr Niteen Dhepe—leading dermatologist in India as well as the Medical Director, SkinCity PG Institute of Dermatology—about how to get rid of body hair at SkinCity with the Super Hair Removal process.  “Oh, God! I need to wax…” is something we women keep saying at regular intervals. Well, not anymore—courtesy Suprano Laser installed at SkinCity, you will b ...

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